Friday, November 11, 2011


I'm trying a little experiment with my ipad and a new blogger app.
Since this is one of the few photos I happen to have saved on it I didn't want to leave it devoid of a photo. These are some chains I picked up at the gem show last year. They kind of look like Elevenses.

I made it dwon to Tucson just in time for some cooler temps, although much warmer than Alaska. A dusting of snow on the mountain tops and cool enough for a second light layer of clothing.

First day spent shopping to outfit our new little apartment... shower curtain, towels and the like. Filling up on good Mexican food 'round town and stocking up at Trader Joe's. Then north to Phoenix to catch up with my sister that's doing a hundred mile run on her 48th birthday called the "Javelina Jundred". I had the full on IKEA experience in Phoenix when I actually need to furnish a small place so that was so exciting for me. I've only ever been to one once before so you can imagine what fun that was.

Meanwhile I'm waiting for my man to show up with the truck he drove down from Alaska. It was kind of scary to hear that he covered 1700 miles without stopping to sleep. What a marathon man he is and I'm glad he made it safely so far. He's stopping at Obsidian Mountain to pick up rocks today he tells me. We never ever travel light!
After the weekend we'll finally make it to our destination of Bisbee and settle in and I can start making stuff again!

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  1. Yea Haw ! your back ! safe and sound !
    I haven't been IKEA for about three years.... it is one of the stores that when I go into for two items I can walk out with two carts. Now I don't have room for anything or really don't need anything but some lights, so I really don't have to put temptation in front of me anymore.
    I have been known to drive from San Francisco to Tucson non-stop but then I really don't sleep.
    It has been much cooler/cold in Arizona but still warmer than many places. I am thinking Bisbee is always colder than Tucson.

    Have fun with your new small place in Tucson.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. What is Dave thinking????? I am amazed and we must come up with a superhero name for him! Ikea madness. I have never been in one and thst's fine by me. But probsbly was perfect for the apt. Good luck to your Sis. That will be some accomplishment. I will ringiding you next week. xox Corrine

  3. Yikes.....he must have a very strong bladder! IKEA is one of my favourite places to wander around in circles in. Once my sister invited me to join her on an IKEA trip and I was eager to go. We drove up. She parked near the warehouse exit. I headed to the front doors as per usual, she says "we're going this way" (directly into the warehouse/checkouts), she walked over to the shelf she wanted, paid, and we were gone in less than 5 mins. I almost cried!

  4. glad to know you're back safe in the lower 48. interesting article from The New Yorker on IKEA here:

  5. Hope you have a happy settling. Making a new home is such a thrilling time. Look forward to seeing your new makes. pen x

  6. how do you like BlogPress? i've been hesitant to get it b/c the description seems so...non-native.

    enjoy AZ!


  7. So Happy You Are Here In Arizona At Last! Time to make art and enjoy the spring weather (which is winter everywhere else). Love the headpins.
    Gotta get some of those...

  8. Hi Kim!
    Happy to hear you travels went safely, and I hope Dave has also arrived safely. 1700 miles without sleeping - yikes! he is a marathon man! I hope your sisters long distance run went well too. Thought of you and Dave tonight as we had a wonderful salmon dinner.
    I hope you are settling in to your home in Bisbee


  9. Glad your travels were safe and look forward to seeing your creations again!

  10. Glad I finally had a moment to read my favorites, Kim, and know you are ensconced in you winter home. I got to go to the new Ikea in Denver a couple months ago, with mom and daughter - we were totally agog, and even stayed for lunch. love, sus


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