Thursday, November 24, 2011

Over the Arroyo and thru the Cactus

I do have to say one thing about southwest Thanksgivings, It always seems to be grey and cool and threatening rain here in the desert.

Not your traditional indoor feast, this one involves turkey breasts on the grill rather than roasted birds  and subzero temperatures and saunas after dinner.

I found some beasts to commune with in the stable

Meet Victor... he let me know it was OK to touch him. I'm not so familiar with horse beings.
I'm more familiar with mooseys and I never get too close to them

I think he sensed I was going for composition... quite nice of him

Ubiquitous Cacti

Majestic Saguaro
Trail groomer that looks like it was inspired by the cactus

Happy Thanksgiving to you  all and thanks to you all for the new connections that I've found here.


  1. Have a great Thanksgiving Kim.
    Glad you made it to the desert safe and sound :)

  2. awwwwwwww, sorry it is gray at were you are.
    We are not that far in Tucson but such a temperature difference. It is blue skies and sunny. The clouds are coming in though for maybe some rain... but it is typical lovely fall weather.
    Son is cooking a duck breast for us but daughter and friend are cooking everything else vegetarian. So much Goodness !

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving at lest your not snowed in !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Hi Kim, Victor is quite the ham isn't he? Great photos. Love the cactus shot and the trail groomer - altho' i have no idea of what one of this is/does! Happy Thanksgiving to you. penny

  4. Ah yes, A trail groomer would be dragged (behind a four wheeler or a horse I presume) along a gravel trail to smooth it out. They also use different sorts of drags for cross country ski trails ski trails in Alaska to groom them.

  5. Love the donkey pic too! Food was great at my sister-in-laws as always. Free range bird in the ready for Sunday's friend feast, wish you and Corey could be here!!!!! Sending you virtual turkey love!!! xox Corrine

  6. ahh saguaros.
    i miss the sonoran desert,
    happy black friday.

  7. Hi, Kim - I am finally catching up with my blog friends after the big power/internet outage here at our house Thanksgiving eve when the big snowfall sent a couple of trees falling down on our lines. Happy bleated Thanksgiving, never to late to be grateful, I guess! -sus

  8. Love the pics! We desert lizards look forward to a slightly grey day on Thanksgiving, finally! Gorgeous now. Love your new work. you are an inspiration.

  9. I'd like a groomer to go over my flower beds for me!!! Great shots. Wow, on the move again. You're a brave girl sorting yourself out twice a year, actually that's 4 times a year, packing & then unpacking...twice!

    Yeah, I'm a 'Jersey Girl'! Lost my accent in one week when we got back to England age 11 1/2, a useful survival technique - my boys did the same with their English accents when we moved to Scotland...


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