Thursday, May 5, 2011

made it!

Well the good news is that we made it home from one edge of then US to the other.
2700 miles of driving from southern Arizona and a three day ferry ride landed us back in Alaska.

Funny thing is that we made it to the town of Tok (pronounced "toke") a mere two hours from home at midnight. We opted for a night in a hotel as wiped out as we were.
We started the next morning fresh for the restt of the journey. Would you believe we got a flat tire just 5 miles from our house! so glad we didn't have to deal with that at 2:00 AM.

There's some other good news too. It seems that I have some internet coverage with my little iPad if I go to the upper reaches of my Garaj Mahal studio since the only other option is some woefully slow dial -up. So I can view blogs with this device. but I can't post pics until I figure out which blogger app I need to do that. I can't seem to view anything with the dial-up on my mac this year which may have something to do with never being able to update my browser. Next project is to haul it to someone that has high speed and get my overdue updates.

Between the updating and the apps I just may be back in business with blogging and Etsy again. If all else fails I can live at the library to attend to all of my internet needs...
Yes they qualify as needs now!
With the price of gas at almost $4.40 a gallon with a 15 mile round trip I may have to limit those sprees too. Hmmmm, I may have to familiarize myself a little better with the ol' 4 wheeler and be a real Alaskan woman, depending on that for transportation. I think I need to find a helmet first.

I am looking forward to reconnecting to the blog world and give you some better updates with pics soon.

Many thanks to you new followers, I'll be back with more soon.
xoxo Kim


  1. wow.. what a trip.. you are very tolerant with your internet connection limitations.. a reminder to those of us cursing our high speed to take a breath and relax! LOL

  2. So great you have a little access from the garage mahal. We will chat when I return, up at 3:00 tomorrow and off to the airport! xox Corrine

  3. Yay! So glad to hear you've arrived safe, flat tires and 3-day ferry rides notwithstanding. It's Cinco de Mayo. Were you guys only here, I'd take you to Lindo Michoacan again. Can't wait to hear more as your summer plays out and you find your way through technology and 4-wheelers.

  4. Yay!
    So glad you made it safe and that you took that extra night to sleep.
    Would have loved to have you stop by on your way thru Vegas.
    Next time!!

  5. Welcome home Kim! So glad you have some form of connection and are not cut off. Glad your tyre problem wasn't during the night when you were weary. Look forward to hearing more. Pen x

  6. Welcome back! You were missed! Three days on a ferry to get home. Not many people can say that. Looking forward to seeing what all you create up North!

  7. Welcome home, girlie! I'm soo glad you stayed over in the hotel! Looking forward to seeing you again once you've settled in.

  8. Glad you made it back safely (except for the tire, but boy, that hotel was a good idea!)
    Hope you can get settled in and get the computer issues out of the way; I have broadband, but I'm thinking most of the's more like *narrow* band....
    And yes, I remember dial-up all too well. <:-0


  9. good to hear you made it back safe:)

  10. So glad you made it home safe, except for the flat tire !
    I was just thinking of you today and here is your up-date !

    cheers, parsnip

  11. Welcome Home .....we've missed you ...xx

  12. Welcome back Kim! Sounds like you had a great time. Hope things settle with your internet issues.

  13. Hello to my Alaska neighbour. I was probably just arriving home to the Yukon after being away for a week when you were pulling into Tok. Glad things went okay. It is a long journey.
    Take Care.

  14. You obviously know how to pick your priorities!
    Nice to hear everything went well.

  15. glad you made it % look forward to the results of the change in perspective.


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