Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Catching up to Myself

First I'll start with a giveaway that I won from Fanciful Devices whose work I totally admire.
Even her packaging has that special quality to it.

I can definitely see rocking these with the new kimono I scored at the thrift shop in Bisbee.

This kimono is 100% silk shibori  tie dye with miniscule gathers throughout the piece.
In the background you can see a portion of the shed that I'm in the process of turning into a little gift shop for the Alaska Highway travelers coming through.

Oh, did I mention this was only $19!
That's 11.73 British Pounds
or 17.98 AUS or
13.86 Euros!

I thought I'd fill you in on a few scenes from our road trip home last month.
A shot of my sister's place by Greenlake  area Seattle

The ferry trip home

Folks camp on deck  or sleep on lawn chairs in the solarium but we opted not too because we forgot camp pads, Instead we spent three nights on cushioned benches in the aft lounge which unfortunately had lights on night and day, We saved some money by not getting a cabin though.

"We beave" said the beavers on the Alaskan Highway

I kind of liked this shot of our jam packed truck on the last day of our journey.

And for the excitement of the week, this is the jeweler's bench that our neighbor just
GAVE me!
Now I can tappity tap, punch and drill without getting into my glass area.

This post was a lesson in patience on a low pressure/low energy day that  sent me to a cup of Typhoo (yes caffeinated) tea which is the first I've had in over a month and a half.
In the hour it's taken me to upload photos the sun has since broken out and beckoned me outside and we're enjoying a most glorious spring and advent of summer here with a rapid greenup and temps that promise to be in the high 70's ( that's 26 degrees C)
To top that off it stays that way well into the evening since the midnight sun shines ever into the late hours. I absolutely adore that about summertime here.


  1. Fantastic photos my friend. Cool earings that sure will go well with thst kimono, what a bargain, OMG. Jewelers bench score! Hope you hugged the neighbor. Sister's front garden is a charmer...sorry for the hour upload, slow Internet stinks.......miss you. xox Corrine

  2. Hey congrats on your win with those ear-rings and scoring the kimono - what a great find. I enjoyed the pics too. I have to say though that I am gob-smackingly pea green with envy over that jewellery bench - what a beauty - and a GIFT to boot! I am sure you will use it to create some great stuff!

  3. the kimono is fab and I love those earrings! but the desk! it even looks a but Danish modern. :-). do tell more about this little gift shop...

  4. you musta done something good in a past life to earn that bench! lol. thanks for the mention, im so glad u liked the earrings, yay. what lovely pictures soaked in sunlight- even your banner up top, even the desk is shining. hope you have some good sunglasses to save your eyes up there. and yes, do tell about this shop!

  5. What a lovely surprise to come back to Alaska and find the jewelery bench that a neighbor gave you. I know you will put it to good use but I think it would look fabulous in my home !

    Yes, do tell us about your shop idea !

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Score on your new jeweler's bench! :) Those earrings are very pretty, too

  7. What a nice gesture! your new bench looks right up your street! Very nice.
    The beaver picture reminded me of a gag in a movie with a cult following called "Men With Brooms."

  8. Beautiful Alaska scenery, Kim! Love your new jewelers bench...great score...and can;t wait to see more of your shop!!

  9. Great post full of interesting things, love the earings & wonderful to get that bench.

    What are those scary creatures in the last post?!


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