Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where have I been?

Well, I guess I should start back when we hit the road from Arizona to Alaska.
I feel as though I have been woefully out of touch with sporadic jump into the interwebs but not quite long enough to connect as I prefer.
I think I was abducted by aliens after I posed for this picture here.

or Jenglots 

I even kind of missed out on the Blogger Meltdown that's how out of it I've been.

Actually it started with a visit in Las Vegas, a place I'd never been.
(maybe it stayed in Las Vegas, you know what they say!)
We had a most lovely visit with my blog friend Leslie from
We met for the first time at a Mexican restaurant and she even treated us to dinner!
We caught up in real time and shared stories and quite possibly could have gone on for hours but we had road miles to make ahead of us.
The huz then took me on a drive-by tour of down Las Vegas before we headed out on the mostly barren trip through what is known as the Great Basin from northern Nevada to southern Oregon... hundreds of miles of not a lot to look at.

except this in some town whose name I don't recall.

A curious building in Brothers, Oregon

Since I've been back home in Alaska I've been to Anchorage to do a show and have found my familiar place back at our Farmer's Market in Fairbanks just a 100 mile drive from home every Saturday.
It is nice to see the response to some of my newer work, It's uncanny how people seem to gravitate toward my freshest work... and satisfying too since it reinforces that the direction I'm heading in is the right path.

Now it's back to work in my studio and it promises to be an interesting summer since my husband will be absent for 12 day stretches all summer with just a few days in between.
There was a time in my life that I could have never lived out in the boonies as we do now, I was hard pressed to even spend an entire day at home in my younger days, now I mostly crave it.
It will, however, be different in the evenings being in this solitude for extended periods of time.
Added to that is my no coffee, no alcohol resolve which would be what I would probably want to reach for  to break up the long days. We do have really long days too, I am no longer seeing darkness at this latitude although it may be occurring at 1:00 or  2:00 AM, not sure really because I've been asleep.

With my most reliable form of internet at the library I have to schedule trips to Delta to get in some posts. I've already been in the library paring lot over an hour and a half just catching up and trying to post and the solar gain through the window is starting to cook.
Just wanted to say I've missed the interaction and hope to be back in full swing somehow.


  1. welcome back to the planet ......xx

  2. lots of solitude. no coffee. no alcohol. honey, you better be creatin' up a storm!!!! thanks for the update.

  3. Lovely to have you back Kim. Your trip sounds like hard work but quite an adventure at the same time. I, too, am abstaining from caffeine and alcohol. I'm enjoying the space its made in my life for other things, other thoughts and other happenings! I should've done it a lot sooner. Having to get used to more solitude myself too and finding I have plenty going on in my head to keep myself company. I hope that you enjoy yours in the coming months. I'm really looking forward to hearing more of you when you can! pen x

  4. Yay! You're back! Love that first photo!

  5. You're going to write your blog in the library? Hey, join the club.

  6. Jenglots????Woo that picture scared me..hehhheee..Welcome Home and thanks for sharing your journey.Hugs,Cat

  7. Love the pic of you, it will be hard to be alone at night and you are not around the corner from pals, but I bet you will be a creative monster and get so much done....I will chat on Thursday - two vet appts tomorrow....xox Corrine

  8. Hi Kim! Wow, I didn't know you were in Vegas, I would have liked to have met you! Next time huh? Well, it's always fun to hear about your adventures here! I just had my 2nd giveaway, and the winner I picked out of the hat was named Kimmie...funny huh?

  9. Well, the coffee part would be easy anyway! I wonder if we just learn to like our own company better as we get older. Good luck with the summer farmer's markets!

  10. welcome back! and do tell more about the jenglots...they look a bit freaky!

    I had to laugh when you said "only 100 miles". it took me back home.


  11. fascinating Jenglots, very anthropological looking and kinda creepy in a dessicated way. i enjoyed your pix from The Road.

  12. Hey, Girlfriend, it's good to have you back. As much as I enjoyed seeing you and Dave in person, as much fun as it is to see my own smiling face on your blog post, I am happier and somehow reassured to read of you getting settled in for the summer, starting all your activities . . those jenglots are something! Tip of the hat for your no coffee, no alcohol resolve, something I'd know a little bit about. Look forward to maybe hosting you when you go the other direction in 6 months or so. Peace, joy and creativity!

  13. wait, what? are jenglots aliens?
    creeeeeepy, whatever they be.

    i've got all the wifi a girl could have and i seem to have missed the blogout too. oops.

  14. Next time you come thru I will have to tell you my story of that alien hwy. dododododo
    Wow, it sounds like you are on a journey, a journey of peace and understanding of yourself.
    Good luck with it all, I know you will get thru it all and have some amazing art to show for it.
    Thoughts are with you.

  15. So glad you back in Alaska and all is fine... kind of.
    So bad about your lack of internet hope it can be resolved soon. But trips to library might help to fill up some of those long hours !

    Take care and keep safe
    cheers, parsnip

  16. Hello Kim - I completely understand about the 100 mile drive to sell your wares.... but that is Northern living! I am enjoying the long days of sunlight, and find I can get so much more done... I feel like we are neighbours now!
    Yukon Kim

  17. Blogger Meltdown??? I'm really out of the loop... Tam :)

  18. Hi there. Hello from Russia. Could you please explain of that photo of jenglot. Where is it from, and where the original is situated.
    I provide some investigation on whether real those janglots or not.
    Please send me an email on ossorian@mail.ru

    1. I think I found the photo on google images or my brother from Bali provided it for me.
      Jenglots originate in Java or Indonesia and I believe they are fictional and constructed by man but there are many that put stock in them being ral. This is all I know about them but I think they are fascinating in their construction and appear rather believable.
      if I were you I would check out some Indonesian sources for more information. Thanks for your interest.


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