Thursday, March 31, 2011

You can try this too~ A New View

It seems that I'm trying to pack in a bunch during my last month in Arizona and looking ahead to the move back to Alaska. There are so many projects that I'm hoping to get done before I leave.
In the middle of that we just annexed our residence to a little co-op apartment in Tucson so that we'll have a little camp there too when we make our jaunts for groceries, gem show, whatever. The price was too good to pass up and a good Bisbee friend has the apartment above us too.
Just what we needed as we think about our journey north.
This year we're driving so that we can swap out trucks. The one we have here doesn't have AC and the one in Alaska does so it just makes sense!
We'll be making the ferry trip from Bellingham, WA to Haines to cut down on a little driving time.
We'll be doing it the old fashioned way of camping out wherever we find a couch since there are no rooms  left on the ferry...more adventure!

I've been trying to do triage on projects now as my season of selling is about to begin.
A few new shops on the horizon in Alaska, one in Talkeetna and one in Chicken!
(yes there is a town of Chicken, Alaska. Apparently they didn't know how to spell ptarmigan so the story goes)
Disc and dapping, headpins and bead sets on the roster and two presents that I have ideas for.
In the meantime it's going to be record breaking hot here and Im sending some to all of you that have had the tough winter.

.....And now to the main point of this post.....
Blogger has rolled out a new viewing feature that lets you view the images on anyone's blog by adding 
/view to the end of their url
Then you go to the sidebar feature and pick a viewing mode.
I rather like the mosaic!

now go to the sidebar dropdown and pick mosaic or any of the other choices



  1. good luck Kim with all of your preparing to travel and safe journey for the future.
    Sounds like it is going to be a long drive.
    hopefully the heat dies down so it won't be to bad with out the A/C.
    You sound like you have a lot to keep your eye on in Alaska, i am sure you will get into all the new shops. Your stuff is amazing.
    Oooo and thanks for the link to see our pictures
    this is soooo coool. It is like a little quilt of memories. I am going to check out all the blogs this way.
    Starting here.
    Take care

  2. wow, alot going on girlfriend! sounds like a good adventure though...oh and I can't get the /view thingy to work...xx's

  3. Oops, I had a bad link, now it's fixed. go to the side bar drop down and pick mosaic once you get to the page.

  4. Cool view thingy. You better get a move on and get some stuff done, you are running out of time. No more treks to pottery villages or ephemera stores or antique malls. Get creating, get cracking. xox Corrine

  5. OH MY GOSH thats THE BEST thing ever .....the mosaic button is magic ....for a colourholic its amazing !!!........cor and look at you getting a new little pad....xx

  6. I can't believe it's already time for you to head up north. Thanks for the latest blogging tip.

  7. Wow! What an inspiring lifestyle you and your family have adopted. I love Tucson and will be visiting there for a few days in a couple of weeks. Stunning Sonoran Desert. Big thanks to my friend Leslie for pointing me in your direction. Now to peek at your mosaic link. Mosaic is one of my favorite art forms.

    Safe journey!

  8. Your mosaic is unique and very engaging. By the way, I hope you work out your iPad issues. I saw a person do a powerpoint with photos for her book signing event using her iPad as the computer. I am guessing there is a way for you to upload photos. Are you near an Apple Store? You could sign up for "One-On-One" workshops whereby for $99.00 you will be able to get one hour a week special iPad instruction for an entire year.

  9. Oh my, Kim! Epemearrings! Words dangling right there next to my face. I want to study this post and perhaps by the time I see you (3 weeks, now) I will have an order to place. These all really grab me, but particular those with words.

    It pleases me to see my friend TRegina on your blog. We've talked about your work quite a lot and she finally allowed herself some free time to go dreaming.


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