Saturday, March 19, 2011

Playing with Vintage Packaging

My brother Dan gave me the most special stash of images from packaging that he had collected in his travels mostly in the 70's.
I really felt that the collection was sentimental to me as well since I had lived vicariously  through his travels long before I started world travel myself.
He had gone off to art school at Instituto Allende in San Miguel while I was still in high school.
Some of these images are from his South American travels back then.
Then he went to Bali and lived for a year painting back when there was only one restaurant in Ubud.
He was a huge influence in my life in so many ways... travel, art and humor.

I realized that I couldn't really part with most of this ephemera for my art so I decided to combine it all on these stiff place mats that I got at the thrift store.
He told me that he had always meant to put them all together somehow and now I have.

Dan told me that this one was his favorite.
I'm keeping them all!


  1. These turned out absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!
    What a treasure trove of wonderful lucky to get them! :-)
    The colors and graphics are amazing; I love packaging from other countries.


  2. what wonderful pictures! how lucky you are to have them! treasures from the past!with a personal touch!

  3. So nice of him to give you such wonderful things!!! And what beautiful art you have made with them!! =)

  4. Just lovely, Kim - why does that not surprise me? The black cat image is near and dear to my heart!

  5. Gotta love your family, Kim... which I do and always will. But I just love to watch you "play." As always, it's me again.

  6. Wow, Kim, these are terrific and the best part is that you will reminisce with Dan every time you look at them. Fantastic images, what a collection! The chicken images are so cool and that black cat, wicked. xox Corrine

  7. That looks like my late cat, right down to the upside-down triangle under his chin.

    I love looking at this type of stuff. It all looks very pre-World War II to me. You say it's from the 1970s? Maybe the super-slick postwar U.S. style hadn't reached those countries yet. Good thing.

  8. these are excellent what a great way to remember the fab journeys your brother has the colours and you could print them off and use them again in your art too

  9. I see Indonesian cigarettes and money there!! :D thank you for sharing, that is so beautiful :)


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