Thursday, March 24, 2011

Magdelena de Kino y Rancho Penasco

The Virgin of Guadelupe on the road to Magdalena

I realize that I had promised this post after I got my camera back from my friend's car and suddenly time has flown by and I had better post before our next trip to Mata Ortiz pottery village this weekend. (this link is to my post about our trip last year)

When my husband told me that he was going of to Vegas to meet up with his sons for a weekend my friend Pam and I hatched a plan to go to Magdalena de Kino, a town in Mexico about 2 hours south of us. We had heard that it was fiesta time in honor of the death of Father Kino
It turned out we were a couple of days ahead of schedule but the town was ramping up enough for the event so we felt there was plenty enough going on for us and probably we'd be avoiding a crowd as well.

We stopped for  a lovely fresh lunch at a roadside stand in Imuris.
I just love the fresh roasted cebollitas (roasted scallions)

We stayed at this hostel just outside of Magdalena called Rancho Penasco
run by Wences Monroy and his  business partner Daniel. The ranch has been in his family since the turn of the century 
( you know what I mean 1901, not 2001!)

The community kitchen area
This is where they welcomed us and joined us in some festive libations

The outdoor kitchen.
The breakfast was amazing- fresh roasted salsa, chilequiles, beans and eggs. It helped that the sun was shining on us and warming us during our outdoor breakfast.

A nice idea for a step

Where the magic happens~ fresh roasted coffee beans cooked up cowboy style

Some ruins from part of the old ranch

Some nice old textbooks in the library at the hostel.
I would have loved to take this one home with me!

There's a little museum on the property where you can learn a bit of the old life at the ranch.
......mmm historical Mexican ephemera...oooh
....must satisfy self with photo only....

An interesting couple

Wence's parents were painting up these little maracas for their granddaughters wedding

We went into the town and stopped at some more roadside stands.
Chiltepin peppers and fruits and honey for sale.

The mission in Magdalena de Kino.
Father Kino's remains are interred in the city park nearby for viewing.

Pam, Wence y mismo
(not sure if that's correct Spanish grammar so please correct me!)


  1. Cowboy coffee is the best! Looks like a fun trip and you look pretty hip there in your fedora. Super large shrine to the virgin, is it a cliff wall? xox Corrine

  2. great photos, kim. looking forward to hearing about mata ortiz.

  3. this is my third try at a post. let's see how many show up!

    great photos, kim. can't wait to read about the mata ortiz trip.

  4. Excellent blog. Wish I could have eaten at that roadside cafe with those tacos. Elvis

  5. oh it all looks so amazing.
    How fun to be able to travel like this.
    Thanks for sharing your journey!

  6. What a wonderful outing, and I thank you for letting me come along vicariously! That meal makes me want to get dressed and run into the streets seeking some good and authentic Mexican cuisine. Cebollitas, ah. Oh, the books and the ephemera! Ding, dang, Kim, I'd pay money to follow you around. And I think I now know what to feed you when you come through Las Vegas. I am so looking forward to meeting you in person.

    I believe your photo caption should read "Pam, Wence, y yo", but I am no expert. Don't quote me, please. I could be illiterate in more than one language. <3 <3 <3


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