Monday, June 21, 2010

Found Object Doll and the Midnight Sun

 I've had the elements of this doll on my work table for over a year now. It seems like with found object assemblages there is always the dilemma of how to connect the pieces. The materials aren't consistent enough from piece to piece and may not behave properly when you're trying to nail, staple or screw pieces together. A piece of very dried out wood that may have loads of character might just simply splinter as you're nailing or screwing into it. Or it turns out that your substrate really is a fiberboard that turns to dust and "wallers" out rendering your efforts useless. The familiarity of tried and true materials definitely make for less frustrating work. Such is the challenge of  art using thrift shop and found pieces.

She's no Candace-
 but the creation is all mine except for the polymer clay cabochon face.
I'm open to suggestions for a name  for this one.

 Her head is a polymer clay face glued to amber glued to a large vintage button and wired and fastened to the round piece of wood that I found at a dump site. I picked up the broken mirror and latch nearby. I had been trying to sell these rather dull vintage buttons as a set and they presented themselves to me on my worktable as viable arms. One leg is a metal bit that I picked up on the street and the  measuring tape is a garage sale find from a broken windup tape.

I took a picture of our favorite gal lounging in the wild irises  this weekend at 9:30 PM close to Solstice.
The ribbon that Corrine from Dosfishes adorned her cape matches perfectly!

Here she is at almost midnight among the black spruce trees at my friend Heather's place.
We'll be hearing about her adventures with Heather soon.


  1. All I could think when I saw the doll was hook and ladder because the leg looks like a ladder. This is totally cool! Glad Candace is enjoying her cape!

  2. Hi Kim, wow that doll is interesting! I like the wooden center piece. As for the leg, well the first thing that came to my mind is a tibia plate! think I need a vacation from work? Yep, only 2 more days and it's vaca time, thank goodness. Love the midnight photo with Candice, that just seems so strange to me. Looks lovely there though, and I would love to see more photos.

  3. That's a very intriguing piece. It would look great hanging on the right wall.

    Candace looks happy. Great shots.

  4. It may be harder to work with the found materials, Kim...but oh so worth it~ your project is really awesome!

  5. These long evenings are just gorgeous aren't they. I like the new doll, especailly her mismatched legs.

  6. love her!
    call her DETERMINED
    not exactly a name but ...

  7. while we all love Candace... ahem, your arty assemblage doll is just fantastic! did you wire the button arms?

  8. Candace is looking splendid as always in the midnight the assemblage as for a name
    How about Rhiannon( I have added a definition from the internet) I thought being a goddess of Fertility and the moon was appropriate with her moon face and rounded belly.....xx
    Gender: Feminine

    Usage: Welsh, English, Welsh Mythology

    Pronounced: hri-AN-ahn (Welsh), ree-AN-ən (English), REE-ən-ən (English) [key]

    Derived from the old Celtic name Rigantona meaning "great queen". In Welsh mythology Rhiannon was the goddess of fertility and the moon. This name is also borne by a princess in Welsh legends, the wife of Pwyll.



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