Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Courtship Letters and an Anniversary

This is the third installment of the courtship letters of my great- grandfather Clarence Hayward White to Miss Alice Heald (my great- grandmother)

You may find the first installment here and the second installment here.

Some folks have asked if there are any responses from Miss Heald and the answer is yes in a coming installment as well as an implied impropriety.

And celebrating the fruits of another courtship,
Today is our 3rd Anniversary of our DIY wedding complete with a feeding moose!

And here are my vows from that day~

David Cory,

In our first year together we slept in over 30 different beds.

In our second year we entirely lost count.

In our two years together we’ve travelled through nine countries already, by express boat, river boat, luxury tourist boat, rickety Indonesian ferry, sleeper train, tuk tuk, motorbike, bicycle, taxi, tri-shaw, cho -choo train and  funky old buses. Travelled the Irawaddy and the Mekong and camped on the Yukon.

From lavish accomodations to a bed a bed bug infested guest house.

From drinking rot-gut local moonshine to high dollar scotch.

I’ve found the man that I can do all of these things with and have fun doing it with.

David Cory, my Cory man - the man with abundant high energy,

My battery charger, 

my energizer bunny

giver and sharer of enthusiasm

The source of warmth on a cold winter’s night, 

My hot water bottle.

 My sincerest vow is to try to keep up with you, pamper you and keep my heart accepting and open to all you have to offer.

Keeping up with him has been the hardest part!


  1. Clarence is certainly one of the most sensitive and attentive men I have ever encountered in print.

    That is one of the best wedding photos I have ever seen. I would love to have a moose as a guest at any of my celebrations.

    Your vows are so real and comfy. I am happy for you both.

  2. Love the vows and the photo is a classic. Your life must be a thrill a minute. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Congrats on what sounds like a very interesting life together...may it always be so!

  4. So much to be thankful here.Treasures you have in print to last a lifetime.And a new chapter in your own life.Happy Anniversary.Warmest Regards,Cat


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