Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Santa Fe Bead Fest, Here I Come!

Close up of kyanite necklace with a silvered *Numinosity* bead

Made with chrysocolla, freshwater pearls, kyanite and my focal bead.

These stones were sold to me as aragonite but I think it was one of those made up names for another stone, possibly amazonite. What do you think?

Focal bead by Kimberly Rogers *Numinosity*

I had an aversion to orange after years of working on the state road crew. I've learned to incorporate it now and there is a much better palette of orange glass than was available when I started beadmaking over ten years ago.

We're setting out for a road trip today on a journey that was mostly hatched just last week.
I found that I really needed some catch up time on my artistic pursuits and grounding after our Europe and Morocco trip in January.

I recently got an email about the Santa Fe Bead Fest and suddenly I had an urge to go. With my husbands prompting a plan was in the works as he realized that he could fit in a ski trip while I attended the workshop. I decided to attend the "Scrap Box Bracelet" class by Kim St. Jean to learn and brush up on cold connection techniques. ( Is it just me or does there seem to be a preponderance of Kims in the bead and craft world?)

On our way I have field trips planned to Hobby Lobby in Phoenix which I hear is HUGE and Rio Grande in Albuquerque to augment my studio supplies.


  1. Wow, Betsy, you were right on this. Thanks lovely sister!

  2. Your work is sublime Kim - I really do love what you are making. I hope you have a great and fruitful trip x

  3. I love the orange very much, I will admit I have never been a fan, but your color combinations really work. Have fun at Bead Fest - I would love to pop in at Rio Grande....lucky.lucky.lucky!

  4. oh how I miss NM and you lucky duck to go to Santa Fe! if you need a list of fun shops let me know! I share!! xo

  5. OH MY GOSH.. how beautiful are these?? The way the metallic runs through it.. Nice work!

  6. I love how you have displayed your necklaces. They look stunning. Enjoy your trip! I feel so envious.

  7. these are wonderful

    though i do thank you for the comment about about the state road crew orange. so funny and BLINDING!

    i love orange these days

  8. these are amazing! I love to make my own earrings but i am not very good at putting together a cute necklace.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I got her on ebay with the listing of "Blybe" but I was wanting a blythe! I will eventually get a blythe but for now my little clone will have to do.

  9. Oh my goodness, those are gorgeous. Truly, I've never given much thought to beads, as I'm not prone to wearing much jewelry other than my wedding ring. So when I say that my jaw was hanging over the blue necklace, I mean that literally. I hadn't realized beads were that lovely.

    Couple of things -- I've been trying to get over to your blog for a bit, but the avatar that appears in a follower section doesn't link back to your blog. When you leave a comment, it turns out that it does. I have no idea why blogger does that, but I've had the same difficulty with several follower vs. comment avatars (which is funny, as they look like the exact same things...but contain slightly different information).

    Also, you're a gifted photographer on top of that!


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