Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Day In Douglas- An Arizona Border Town

A day for a bicycle ride

And taking pictures

of textured walls

And looking skyward

And downward for patterns and wear

Distress and age

Signs of Spring and bursts of Color


Old wood

Spring Green Willows

Old shacks

A quonset

And Crumbling Adobe

We had an idea the other day to take our bikes to the town of Douglas to explore. Now that we have an old beater pickup truck it's no problem to load up and go. We bought this truck specifically to assist my husband in his penchant for bring Very Large Rocks (VLR's) home. Our Arizona yard is getting paved with a beautiful assortment with these VLRs.

We picked Douglas mainly because it's flat. I haven't been doing much bike riding this year prefer flatlander bike riding until my bike muscles adjust.

It's so nice to have a partner that enjoys stopping to collect things and take photo breaks just as I do. It felt like the first real spring day. We've had an average of ten degrees F colder than last winter. We woke up to an inch of snow the morning before.

We started out at the funkier side of town on dirt roads exploring old shacks and the like and made our way to the historic district after a bit. We stopped in to take a tour of our friend Patricia's place of employment- Headstart which I hope to write about later as I was so impressed with what they are doing at this facility.

Along the way I picked up my usual bits and pieces, rusty bottle caps, a roadsmithed tin tile, and found an abandoned church with a junk pile behind it that yielded some stained glass and a broken aged mirror with some shards that I'm sure I can put to use.

Feel free to use the wall and fence photos for background in your creations if you wish. I'm not sure what the ideal dpi is. Let me know if you need better resolution for your purposes and I can send them to you.


  1. an inch of snow??? really?? wow!
    love your photos, Kim, the textured wall is quite interesting! very Az!

  2. Love this trip. Thanks for taking us with you for some of the way. I can feel the warmth of the sun....

  3. Hi Kim- feel like I was there...I love all the different textures!

  4. Caterina- The textured wall was the St. Vincent Depaul Thrift store. it looks as if it was shot up!

  5. Your trip looks like a scavenging heavenly delight. I love your photos. Thank you for your generous sharing of fences.

  6. Your creative eye appears to be in full bloom; the variety of textures really draw me in, what wonders await from moving slowly!

  7. Some really beautiful photos here - I love old and distressed objects.


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