Friday, March 12, 2010

Collagen Treatments... I mean Collage-ing Treatments

70's hippie chick sans makeup. By the way, the pants you see on me here are these pants
that I decorated heavily with embroidery later on.


Splitting Time

My Shoes Are Killing Me

Baby's First Steps

Seems like some keywords get more hits judging from all of the fashion and beauty blogs out there. Being the 70's hippie chick that I was though, I never quite got into all that makeup and stuff. I suppose I thought I would save it until I got old and really needed it. Can't say if I qualify yet, I'm hoping not. I've saved it for occasions such as wedding # 1 and #2 and a handful of occasions in between. I had someone close to me say that I looked like Joan Rivers with my makeup on which scared me away from donning it again until approximately 18 years later for my second wedding. I think of all the extra sleep I got from never getting into the beauty regimen and the money that I saved that could be used for art supplies.

Anyway I'm here to show off my collage-ing that I've done in the last few days. Just a few little artist cards and such. I have a folder full of half composed ideas for collages just waiting for those final elements. I'll sit mindlessly in front of my newest Netflix marathon viewing ("Big Love" at the moment) cutting out elements for future projects and sometimes they will assemble themselves by proximity. Other times I'm at a loss for that final element that will add profound meaning to my absurdities. Maybe they're all halfway finishes. At least I know they won't be mistaken for other's work in there offbeatedness.

P.S. Can someone tell me how to center captions on blogspot? They keep shifting to the side when I publish. thanks, Kim


  1. Hi Kim- I love the graphics and humor in these pieces! And I think its so cool that you still have your jeans- I had a pair that I also embroidered, but they are long gone...

  2. Love your piece - Mimicry.

    When you are creating a new post, in the tool bar across the top, there's a green monster looking symbol that helps you make a link. But along the line after him, there are 4 grids. The second one of these will "align centre" for your text.

  3. Thanks Annie, I remember finding it by accident when I didn't want it.


  4. Kim - I've never figured out how to center titles. I don't think Blogger likes centered titles and I'm not sure I've seen any posts with centered titles. Maybe I should check Buddhist blogs. :) Anyway, looks like you've been busy. And thanks for visiting my blog and commenting so I could follow you home.

  5. Hi Kim, When you commented that you had been working on some collages I was hoping you'd have them posted and so was happy to see some new work! These are all very funky and fun! Love your sense of humor.

    As far as centering - you can center the type that you put in your post, but I you would have to change the HTML code to center the title.
    To center text say, under a photograph you highlight it and then choose the appropriate box from the menu above (all horizontal lines but centered - left, right, middle or justified.)
    Sorry if you already knew this. If you're already doing that but it's reversing when you save it, it's probably one of those blogger glitches that are unfixable.

  6. LOVE the collages! What a talent. Yes, do dive in and just try the torch firing enamel. It's a blast. There must be a tutorial somewhere on line. And there are classes all over the place. It's amazing how easy it is. Copper, with the grease/fingerprints off, flux, enamel, fire away, until it melts! Voila. Give it a try! Riki

  7. The collages are so cool. I especially love Mimicry.


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