Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Bad Case of the Shoulds

I've been on myself to get into production to make more components.
It seems that the jewelry making is more relaxing and can be done in the house watching TV and whatnot and the real work is the focus at the torch. 

I keep pressuring myself to make huge runs of all of my best selling components and then something new and novel to stretch myself creatively.

But I am becoming discouraged by the lack of sales of my jewelry this summer at our local market.
It's always been a given that I could move it in person but this year has been different so far.
Not sure if it's my change in style or economy. I know that I love what I'm making and don't want to go back to old bread and butter items that I used to rely on.
I'm hoping to have some new best sellers.

 Suddenly I'm doing better online than in person.. with components that is.

So I imagine that I need piles of all of them but there's only so much time and I can only handle about 3 hours of torch time in a day.. it used to be 4 but I need to listen to my body and hands and eyes and I will stop at the precise moment I feel I've had enough or mistakes and accidents and burnout can happen.

I did do something that has been on my list for three or four years that I had been procrastinating on.
Moo Cards! 
At least that gave me a chance to improve my photography since I first had it on a list of things to do.

 I want to make more of these stony faceted nuggets.

and these limpet bead caps

The great news though is that I got recognized for my polymer clay work last week.
I got a couple of emails from folks in the know ( thanks Ginger and Richelle)
that I had been featured on the front page of the online  magazine Polymer Clay Daily.
Talk about beginner's luck! Now that was a huge surprise for sure.

Less jewelry making and more components? Really?
I think I should give the "shoulds" a big shove.
I'm gonna do what I want!


  1. I hear from a lot of people who sell on line in in person and it is slow for everyone. Continue to do what you love and sell it where you can.

  2. Kim we all go thru these weird ups and downs.
    Selling at markets used to give me such great satisfaction and I would always sell out, then I discovered online selling and my shop skyrocketed and my market sales dropped. Its all so strange and who knows why things go in spurts just keep doing what you love and it will all come around.
    Doing what you love makes you happy and in turn your product happy :)
    keep doing what your doing.

  3. My jewelry sales are way down too. I only sell at shows and people are keeping their money in their wallet for things that are not a necessity. I'll be glad when the economy turns aroung for good.

    Congratulation for getting a cover shot on Polymer Clay Daily!!!

  4. I'm not surprised you're doing well that crusting and those colours are a winning team. It's so difficult to work out how to market and who are customers are. I think it's best to stay true to your still and your talent will market itself.

  5. omg! the stony facet nuggets. beauty girl! sounds like the downs are being balanced by an up elsewhere. just stay true to you and keep creating at your own pace with your own rules in your own way. shift happens.(no not shit, i really meant shift). xoxo

  6. Big congratulations with your Polymer
    We all have to do what works for us at any moment. You know how much I love your work.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Well those sure are some pretty shoulds.....pressure sucks though. So happy your were featured, how exciting. xox

  8. Shoulda, woulda, coulda...... so many directions "should" can take an artist. Your work is always beautifully made. I hope the pressure of sales doesn't get in the way of your creative ways. Congratulations on the Polymer, Kim!

  9. As you already know it is important to follow your heart.... though I do find sometimes I enjoy the shoulds when I get started on them. I have been slowly checking things off of my 'to do' list. Most I enjoy, some not so much - and some may head for the 'never gonna happen' list.
    AND WAHOO about the Polymer Clay Daily front page! I am off to check it out now.

  10. no shoulds in life or art, do what you want and don't worry about the money... I always got a "real" job to pay bills.. but to thine own artist be true! xx


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