Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Some Summer

Things are smokin' around here.... quite literally.
It has been one mostly hot and dry summer here in Interior Alaska.
I have probably had more time to sit down and have some solid studio time with large chunks of alone time this summer

It was kind of cold at the beginning of the season but it went from winter to full on summer in a matter of weeks. ( That's me trying to keep warm at the farmer's market)

Enjoying new drink concoctions in the late night sun.
Mate infused vodka with pandanus leaf flavoring.
( Asian meets South American fusion)

Lolling about on the lawn

Smoking fresh caught salmon
Seeing my honey and my son off on their archaeology expedition

Cass-man, my son... yeah I have a 30 year old son now!

A  Hay-lo
Making lots of crusty beads

and a focal bead or two

Glimmer daggers

Unreal orange crush fruit loops Tang nuggets

criffling along

and then some torch fired enameling

I was very excited with the results of this combination

Shiny ridgies

Crusty ridgies

crusty focal

Misbehaving beads that were taught a lesson

and just a few headpins

I had been feeling like I had been blogging more than I actually did here. That's because I had been blogging over at Love My Art Jewelry Blog a few times and maybe I just ran out of time with things to say here  but here's what you may have missed from me.

Now it's going to be the busiest week ever with my stepson getting married and we're hosting the reception for 100 or so at our place and the very next day I fly off to Maine to visit with my folks and my brother from Bali with his family.
So sorry if I haven't been visiting and commenting on your fine blogs, I've been a bit of a lurker lately.
Ciao for now, Kim


  1. Lots of good pics in here. Enjoy the weekend festivities and safe journey to the East. xox

  2. I love seeing what you've been up to, Kim! I hope the wedding is wonderful and that you have a special visit with your family!

  3. always stunning work and so good to see your "boys". gosh I hope you visit again soon. I've retaught myself how to stay up late. lol

  4. I always love your posts! have a great time at the wedding and on your trip to see your brother!

  5. love your creations, your photos, your energy is infectious! Wishing you the best on the wedding reception and your family get together and safe travels! Hugs!

  6. Love the catching up post today.
    You have been busy working but most important having fun.
    Goodness I know what you mean when the children hit thirty + one does feel rather old !

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Another great post in Numintopia! Always fun! Your enamels and new beads are very cool. Already thinking what I could do with them.....

  8. Hey, Kim - So happy to see you pop up on my blog list this morning after I came back from the morning walk where I had been thinkin' of you!
    What a SUMMER!
    Best wishes for your upcoming events and travels, sus


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