Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summertime and the Living is Beady

These scrumptious crusty and ridged beads emerged from the kiln as quite a surprise. The clear base took on the color of the enamel and permeated in a most delightful way.
sometimes it's hard to tell just what the baking soda treatment will do to the colors of the glass. I have had some beautiful colors of purple turn out like this. I'll be listed more of these since they got snatched up by the first person I showed them to.
Yes, the outside ones were all beautiful shades of violet  and purple and now they are crusty cocoa

Some take it on much better.
I just did a post about headpins over at Love My Art Jewelry
You can see how many have been utilized and find a couple of tutorials on how to make your own from different materials not involving a torch as mine are.

I've been designing a lot of necklaces lately and selling them at our local farmer's market!

A BHClaysmith scarab with a bit of gold leaf added by me

A wee little Petra nest took wing almost immediately

I've decided not to sell this one with this amazing bead that actually has three faces. I had been hoarding it in my collection for over a dozen years since my first visit to the Tucson Gem Show.
I had forgotten the name of the artist and was reminded by a friend and found that she is 91 years old now and still making beads!
her name is Mary Tompkins and now I've decided (with the help of some facebook friends) that I should keep the necklace for myself.

I'm awfully fond of incorporating ceramic focals these days and they seem to help  the sales.
The large green one is by NKPdesigns
I throw in a few of my own beads so they won't get jealous.

These had their debut in Belle Armoire Jewelry this month.
They are called  "First Snow"
Those are my limpet bead caps and Kristi Bowman Designs wonderful copper paisley headpins.
It's my first time being published in that fine mag.

If you want to read something really funny try out this transizzle translator with any blog on Gizoogle.
You can read my blog with a totally different spin.
You will be guaranteed to cry or pee your pants.


  1. All so beautiful Kimberly!
    Congrats on the published earrings that is wonderful.
    I am in love with that first one of the clay face bead. Really cool!

  2. Yup, you have to keep that necklace with the Mary Tomkins's awesome!

  3. i LOOOOVEEE the pinheads. And that 3 face bead is fabulous. it's just sooo sooo pretty!

  4. Loving the necklaces, especially the scarab beetle. The head pins are awesome. Congrats too on the magazine publication

  5. Those beads are indeed yummy! No wonder they were gobbled up quickly! I love your necklaces Kim, they are all wonderful and so very YOU. I am glad you kept the three faced bead too - it is a piece of history really. See there was a reason you held onto it all these years ....

  6. No wonder those beads were gobbled up - they are gorgeous. All the necklaces are lovely and have that special Numinosity vibe ...glad you kept the three faced beads it is a piece of history really . See, there was a reason you held onto it all these years ....

  7. Love your creations! I see you also used the ammonite dangle on a bracelet, love it!!

  8. Love your necklaces, fascinating, every one. Your new beads and headpins are gorgeous! So many ideas running through my head of how to use them! Keep em coming, they're sure to fly out of your shop and we're all going to want some!

  9. So many cool new necklaces, Kim...awesome work! And the new beads are fantastic!

  10. Your bouquet of headpins is a head spinning, eye popping gasp of gorgeous. New necklaces must be flying off to new homes as fast as you make them. Three head bead looks wonderfully ancient.. a keeper for sure.

  11. Wow great stuff!!!!! Lovin those crusty beads, so much texture and your necklaces are really ramping up there gal. Way to go. xox

  12. All the beads are gorgeous, Kim, and I really think your necklace designs just get better and better! Because I didn't know what it was, I clicked on "transizzled blog", and I'm still laughing. My favorite part is "facebizzle muthafuckas"- obviously I need some kind of mental help!


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