Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Polymer Virgin and the Heat Wave

I don't know if any of you remember my post last fall when I had been gifted a large chunk of high fire clay to play with.
How excited I was to make a bunch of these pendant pieces using a topographical model that I had bought at a garage sale. Then I found out that the steel wire I used was not going to withstand the high firing so I ended up with quite a few useless pieces like this one. Just for fun I put an acrylic wash and mica watercolor paint and a coating of hard coat Mod Podge. I'm pretty pleased with the effect but alas it won't probably hold up as a component as water can simply dissolve the unfired clay and who knows if the mod podge could protect it enough. It does give me an idea for some polymer pieces.
Up until now I have been a polymer virgin until I started seeing pieces like this paisley piece by Heather Powers of Humblebeads

There is a little bit  more about the use of sari silk over on LoveMyArt Jewelry Blog that I just wrote.

I just had to get this piece by Jana of HappyFishShop

and these!

And how could I leave out Staci's components at SLArtisanAccents
Leave it to me to turn from a polymer virgin to polymer slut overnight!

Speaking of overnight....
This was taken at 10:30 PM
It was marvelous!
An Alaskan heat wave! It's been up to high 80's and low 90's for days on end and since the sun barely sets it's been pretty warm at night too.
All of our stores are out of air conditioners, fans, ice cube trays and bug dope.
Kind of funny that the clay piece that I made at the top was during a deep freeze here.
It's a land of extremes.
Meanwhile back in my sweatshop where I make handfuls of headpins while my safety glasses slip off of my sweaty nose and I can't have a fan going because it messes with my torch flame too much I have been trying to keep up with the demand for headpins. 

Crusty headpins. I'm trying to make assortments in 3 shapes- drippy, half crystal and orbs.

I have a new assortment just waiting to model for me in the little light tent. I would provide you with a gratuitous fistful pic but I've already got them all sorted out and waiting in a queue for their shots.

Keep in mind folks that these tend to go pretty fast in most cases but I'm happy to take orders.

Another one of my sari silk chokers, this time using one of Petra's fab pieces.
Many thanks to AnvilArtifacts Janet for the twisties. I think they are perfect for this piece.

Oh and I forgot to mention king salmon steaks on the grill, we had some success!
This is how some folks catch salmon in Alaska. It's called a fish wheel. It does all the work catching them while you sit around a campfire and wait for a thumping sound which means one has been scooped up.

A little drink I invented with miniature king crab, bacon.
Actually its slivers of Trader Joe's Spiced Chile Mangoes in chilled Finlandia vodka with a splash of agave. My creativity has no end don'tcha know!


  1. wow i wonder what that would be have the sun almost never set. WEird! but then i wouldn't like the other part where it's dark all the time.

  2. I just love the twisted silk necklaces.
    WOW you are hot up there. Better than here 118* this weekend :(
    This is why you are so smart to head for the hills in the summer.
    Its pretty amazing your endless creating and talent Kim.

  3. Give me some of your heat wave, Kim. I need some sunshine and heat. Oh--we've been having late days--the light finally fades around ten, and starts showing at 5. Not quite like Alaska. I believed you about the bacon drink. Beautiful glass pins!

  4. Your posts are always a feast for the eyes !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. hmmm. i gave up beer so imma gonna hafta try your new creation. sounds yum and refreshing. xoxo

  6. Wow, what a great picture of your yard at 10:30 PM! And yes - polymer is FUN. For us who don't have immediate access to kilns (meaning I have to go elsewhere than my studio to use one), polymer offers so much in the way of 'playing with ideas', finding new ideas, and it is SO versatile. Great work ahead! Love your choker. really beautiful. And ONE day I need to get more of your headpins! XOXO J

  7. Nice shot of your northern light! Polymer, that will be fun. What little I did woth Judy has been a blast. xox

  8. Here it is cold and dark by 5 pm at the moment although we have had our shortest day so it will be light for longer very soon ... I do like sunshine. Sounds like you really do have a SWEATshop! Poor Kim - still it doesn't seem to have affected your creativity at all! Lovely lovely things as always. X

  9. What a summer! Those head pins are just fabulous, Kim. (yeh, we loves those dwarf king crab legs here in SE, too)!
    xxoo, sus

  10. 90's in Alaska !! Crazy. Hot petunias and chili mango concoctions look like a fine way to end an extra long day.

  11. looks like fun in the land of the midnight sun. so is it the crab leg concoction that adds that extra bit of delicious pizazz to your headpins?

  12. Yep I've got some amazing pieces from the lovely Jana, like Staci's too. It goes without saying those headpins are a treat.
    Wimbledon is on over here but we're not having a great summer!

  13. Wonderful to catch up here & see all your gorgeous pieces. Loving the sari ribbon & oh, that fish!


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