Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gone Fishing

Taking a day or two off to go dipnetting and fill the freezer with some fresh caught Copper River Red salmon. Seeing that this picture of me ice fishing at the end of May garnered more "likes" on facebook than any beads or jewelry I ever made! I looked pretty rough after wrastling 30 or so salmon. Took me weeks for my wrist to recover but this time I have Mr. Fishman to do the heavy lifting and wrangling.
Hoo-ah! arctic char. A good fishwyfe, I yam
I learned a bit about  the best perspective for photographing fish not unlike photographing jewelry for featuring and highlighting the focal piece.

 See y'all in a few days
 Happy Solstice almost!


  1. Mmmmmm. Yummy! The real fresh deal! Lucky you!

  2. How funny..... but I was just thinking of you and as a good friend use to say to me "where the hell are you" in her best southern voice and whalaa your post just popped up.
    Yum on the fish lucky you. I could and just about have given up meat but I can never give up fish !
    Funny about Facebook great photo but I don't do any of the other media I just blog so I really never know what is going on.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Your adventures always bring a smile to my face. What fun!

  4. Hope the fishing fairies are with you! Happy haul! X

  5. well done! you must have been really working. how i wish i could come to alaska -
    saw the crusty beads - they are, as usual, divine!
    and congrats on being in baj!

  6. Kim, you look fantastic!!! I heart your fish, your beads, and your supplies all the time. Only I don't have fb, but I'm one of the invisible hearters...

    Have a great few days off!

  7. Another Facebook avoider here so I'm glad you blogged. Freezer envy. Do you smoke any of your catch? I think it might be nice to live on salmon and especially gratifying to have caught your own.

  8. Have a blast, hope you DO fill the freezer. Love to Cory...xox

  9. Have fun Kim.
    We are planning a fishing trip this summer. I haven't been fishing since I was a little girl.
    Should be fun and relaxing.

  10. Hi Kim! Have a great time! I order the Copper River Salmon often when we are out to dinner here in Seattle!

  11. Wow, have a fantastic time!! What a wonderful opportunity and such a catch! Fill that freezer. :) xoxo J

  12. So I accidentally deleted this comment on my smartphone from LaceLady

    LaceLady has left a new comment on your post "Gone Fishing":

    Love this - it made me homesick for Alaska and river kids just shipped me Yakutat sockeye, and my sister shipped Copper River goodness! I'd rather be catching it...FILL your freezer!

  13. And deleted this one too from Lela. Those publish and delete buttons are too close!

    Lela has left a new comment on your post "Gone Fishing":

    You got that fish photo taking down pat...hold that baby out at arms length. :)

    I want to come fishing with you!

  14. There is nothing better than fresh salmon . . .
    Great photos!

  15. By now you've filled the freezer since it's many days later. WE had some great Halibut a second daughter brought back for us last year from Alaska. You guys sure know how to live! Let's see...(oh gosh and this will make me tear up)the nearest I've gotten to a live fish in years has been the lobster tank at the grocery store (wretch!)


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