Monday, October 1, 2012

White Stuff Falling From the Sky

A view from my studio.
Sometimes the mountains get magnified and hover over the trees bigger and brighter than ever.
Today is one of those days

First snow.... it's here!

We need to document these things don't we

~Our house~ just kidding, it was going to be a shop until I realized I didn't want random people coming off the highway and disturbing my concentration.
Which reminds me of something my son said when he was six.
He told me he was never going to get married because he was going to be an artist and "would need to concentrate"
Pretty funny thing for a six year old to come up with but if you knew him now at age 29 it would still make sense.

a dumpster diver special

I made myself... yes, MADE myself take a break from the torch and play with some paper.
It was like being at a real job lately, not bad though because it was like a real paycheck as well this last month. You guys bin keepin' me busy...and I love it.
But I needed a break to give birth to some new ideas in the temple of time
These are postcards.

I needed to float and stretch

A little Cat- Cow action

Scramble my  headpin pinhead brain and mix some images for the hell of it.

Make some sense of nonsense

glue and paper instead of glass and metal

You know what I mean
....Don't you?

Coming up with some new components too.
What do you think of these drops?
Bigger holes perhaps?

I was pretty pleased with these oober headpins.
I promise I'll make some more.
 I've segued into the indoor long distance shows now I may be slowing down a bit on listing this week because I have a real live bead show this week and not many supplies to bring down there because I've been listing everything as I make it lately.

Good news is that the locals are buying jewelry and commenting on my evolving change of style.
So I'm glad for that vote of confidence because I can't keep making the same stuff for too long.
Even my bread and butter items of the past are being phased out and it feels good.

Like these that I sold hundreds of...DONE!
( well, OK unless another wholesale order comes in)
and stringing seed beads too.
My eyes and hands can't handle that anymore.
So I'm de-stashing a load of those at my next show.

I sold a dozen sets of those glass tile magnets at my last show that I showed you how to make in the tutorial here.
If you're doing any shows coming up and are so inclined you may make a few $$.
Fun and easy

Now I'm going to go and make some things for my upcoming show in Anchorage
Alaska Bead & Gem Show.


P.S. I mean to tell you that I intend on coming by and visiting your blogs too, I'm feeling kind of guilty lately for not stopping by and commenting more.
Pleeeese 4 Give meeeee!

Which reminds me of an epitaph that one could have.
"What if it was all about me?"


  1. Ohno snowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Blech. Time to fly south!

  2. ooooo I am so jealous of your white stuff!
    Please bring some of that cold air down our way as you pass by soon.

    LOL at your son, what kids can come up with is amazing!!

    yes, it good to take a break from one thing and exercise the mind in other ways to make it grow fresh and new again.
    Love all your collages!

  3. Well, the snow is beautiful. But you can keep it please. Our son was up there over Labor Day week and didn't want to go back to Long Beach, CA. I reminded him that it's going to start snowing up there one of these days. ;)

    I love your flags and stop sign.

    And I love the new chunky beads....could the hole go through them sideways?
    And of course, the oober headpins ROCK!

    I guess I need to start selling...but the local art center wants 30% I think. Ugh. That seems like a lot. I'm just not sure I want to do Etsy yet.

    Love your paper work too...makes me want to get my collage stuff out.

  4. Okay I am not a big fan of the "white stuff' but your images make it look like it just might be wonderful! Lovely photos. Good luck at the up-coming shows - your bound to bowl them over. Love that no matter what you are NOT doing you are being busily creative!

  5. i would love some the pink/crusty big holes in beads and yeah the sideways hole idea is good too...hope all is well...when do you come back to AZ.?

  6. way so love the paper fun! love how your eye puts it all together. glad you have snow. we are getting ready for ours. ~fingers crossed~ luv, luv

  7. It was cooling off nicely Fall was starting to appear and we got a heat wave it was 100 here today ack !

    cheers, parsnip

  8. You have been in a very creative mode, Kim! Snow! Will you be heading south soon?

  9. How welcome the view of your tree line is covered with snow, especially as I am in the midst of a 100 degree heat wave. Your forest looks so inviting... your space is both beautiful and serene, and I love the imagery of floating and stretching... yes that is a good reminder. Drops and oober headpins are fantastic.. keep dreaming and good luck at your beadshow.

  10. Snow!!! Already!! We get so panicky over here about snow, it's ridiculous-a weather report with snow is headline news and results in a mass stampede to the shops.
    Love those rustic drops and the collages are great too.

  11. The snow looks so beautiful especially when it's not in my backyard!
    Glad you took a break - love those postcards. I have a few glass tiles left from a recent kitchen project so I can't wait to try using those alcohol inks that have been sitting in the drawer since I got them.

  12. Great to see your collages, Kim! But ARRRRGH to the new snow - it's 36 degrees here in Southeast this morning so I know th white stuff is comin' our way too. -sus

  13. First snow, not ready for that, no way......Your little shoplet would have been sweet but I know why you didn't do it. Love the bigger drops.....xox

  14. Love love love your pouchy tummy collage! Hmmmm could it be the ice cream making that one call out to me? Great headpins, paperworks and nice shot of your almost shop. Your son was onto something, must concentrate! Concentrate on enjoying those flakes.

  15. Here's another epitaph (circa 1750:) "She hath done what she could."

    An 80 year old artist pal silkscreened up a bunch of these after finding the tombstone that carried it. Then she sent them to all her girlfriends. Thank you Alice Stallings!

    so Kim, CARRY ON! You are rockin' the world these days.

  16. shouldn't you be flying south by now?? and what happened to the new blog format?

  17. Hello Kim
    I woke up this morning and thought about you. I wondered if you were still my neighbour, or if you had already headed South.... Looks like you are still in Alaska, and received the same first snow that we did. Since then it has turned quite mild again. It doesn't seem like October!
    I love your paper and jewelry creations! I enjoy switching thinking from one medium to another, it keeps my creative juices flowing. The Anchorage Bead and Gem show is a big one! I am guessing you need to build up your stock for that one. Good Luck and enjoy!
    Oh yah my hubby said to tell you and your hubby to stop in for a visit on your way South, but I told him you were probably flying not driving. We have a spare room if you ever need a place to stay in this part of the world.
    Safe Journeys

  18. I love your drops, and your collage work.
    Santa Knows all about you! Do you think he reads our blogs. :)

    snow. ah. but not yet.


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