Saturday, October 20, 2012

Goblin's Boogers?

Or should I call them Satan's Sputum... or how about
Frog's Phlegm or Troll Loogies or Crone's Catarrh?
I was experimenting the other day with shiny upon crusty and got this lovely verdigris on grey effect so in honor of Halloween I decided to get a bit more creative in my description.

Anyway, it's always fun to come up with some new stuff.
I've got some variations on colors coming up the pike too.
These sold instantaneously so I went and made some more already.
They are listed currently.

Now I've been creating a hybrid of beads and limpets.

Meet the "blimpets"
They also flew out of the shop rather quickly so you can bet I'll have more coming.
I feel as though I' must be violating some blog protocol by listing before I blog about them  but you see I get on these creating and listing blitzes and sometimes don't slow down enough to notify you all.
So I'm kind of going backwards and showing you so that you can see the next run.

'Nother big Whorl bead... full on crusty

And what you've been clamoring for...
Introducing NEW *Crifflets*!
Mini criffles

Well you've been clamoring for them in my head anyway.
( "why does she make those criffles so big?" you say... "and why just 5 of them?")
The answer to that question is that I get bored with making the same color after 5 and want to move on and I only had 15 mandrels which was convenient for 3 sets per torch session.
You can't probably tell by the photo but these are way smaller than criffles so you get 8 of them.
They're about 16 mm... a little more than a half inch in diameter
and the holes are a bit smaller than the full size criffles -3mm

Barbecue Grill Lava Crifflets
would go great with boogers I think.

This is my own stash  or torch fired enamels for earrings.
Oh yes... I high grade my own supplies... see how I am?
I am seeing that my brightest enamel matchsticks go out of the shop first but you gotta give those subtle enamel guys a chance.
What's not to love about these?
I mean just look at these on your screen!
Hmmm? You know you want them...all denim blue goes with anything-like

And I want to mention a giveaway that Julie is having at Waaay Outwest
Her beads are so satiny, clean and near perfect that my crusties just want to sidle up next to them like a rogue cousin at a cocktail party.


  1. or maybe pond scum? algae puddles? what ever you call them, call them fabulous!!

  2. i love the word rogue. :) i also love the word booger. just ask my poor students who have to listen to me say it! how about rogue boogers. hahahahaha i know, not halloweeny, but fun to say!

  3. I was leaning Frog's Phlegm until I read Troll Loogies.
    You do have a marvelous way with words.
    Speaking of marvelous.. I received your package. My inner Gollum is hissing with pure delight.
    Blimpits are brilliant.

  4. Lovely, lovely ,lovely! Do like the bodily fluid references - quite charming really!! I think your beads next to Julies would be a match made in Heaven .... you are a productive gal no doubt about it and you make such unique things - Frog's Phlegm indeed!!

  5. Woah Kimberly! What a treasure trove! A haul like no other and SO beautifully described! I've just been updating my blog. I've been on holiday and have had time, finally, to get back into it! Lovely to see you are still going strong on the blogging front :-)

  6. Morphing Haloween Horrors ... a new lone of zombie beads in production up there????? You are too funny. Had enough pf phlegm for this week thank you still coughing!
    staeting to worry abput your humor now. xox

  7. I went to a Halloween party, at our friend the dentists, in his honor I went as Phlegm ! I was a very gross hit !

    Love your bead work as always !

    cheers, parsnip

  8. I think Crifflets is a great idea!

  9. Goblin boogers - yummmmm. All fabulous


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