Thursday, September 1, 2011

Neighborly Swaps

I love to do swaps from time to time and have been admiring the work of Kim Henkel. There do seem to be a plethora of bloggers and artists named Kim, I have noticed!
 You may be surprised to lean that she is one of my nearest neighbor blogging buddies aside from  Fairbanks Artist in The Arctic's Amy Komar. Near is a relative word here in the North country, Kim is a mere 545 miles or 877 km from me and lives practically on the same road as me although in a different country. The road is called The Alcan (Alaska-Canada) Highway. In fact I have to drive through her town of Haines Junction to get "Outside" (the other states)

I proposed a journal swap
This is what I received from Kim in the mail last week although it would have been faster by car than the post since it apparently had to go through a circuitous postal route through a couple of other major cities in our respective countries to reach me.
 The interior was the backside of repurposed posters sewn together.
 I like to do a little mail art from time to time.
 This is the journal I sent her made from a cereal box and muslin.
( I borrowed the pic from her post since I must not have scanned this one)
 A bit of glimmer mist through vintage lace.
The other pages have various stampings and vintage images glued in.

Then I got involved in the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap and got this lovely postcard from Lauren at Lozalicious in Adelaide, Australia. ( definitely not on the same highway!)
My postcard went of to someone else in England. I forgot to record that as well and was also lame enough to forget the theme of the swap which was B L O O M although I think there was one flower on it but an even more prominent watermelon. Have you ever done that? Oh well it happens.


  1. lol you crack me up.
    What a great package of art!
    Swaps are so great.

  2. So glad to hear that my mind isn't the only one who forgets to do something.....

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Love the journals! What a great swap! Journal swaps sounds familiar....xox Corrine

  4. Watermelons are good, too, Kim. Don't be too rough on yourself. Lovely post ~ wonderful on tired eyes. I still cherish my journal you made me. And that makes me wonder how soon you two might be going through Las Vegas on the way south . . .


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