Wednesday, April 6, 2011

S'posed to~ Should Be...but...but...Never mind, I'm retired

I get these crazy ideas of what I should be doing but in the end I end up really doing what I ought to be doing.  Yah , I know that doesn't make the most sense but I'll try and explain.
Problem is so many ideas and materials floating about  that when I'm focusing on one thing I get the nagging feeling that I should be doing t'other. 

I had a good run for a few days in the glass studio and even made jewelry from the elements I created and even shared them with you all....and then people start asking me, "how much?" "where can I buy?" and that's a good thing  but that means a whole other level of focus.....the marketing... the oh so perfectly perched jewelry shots... the pricing. I guess I'm so used to selling in person which seems easier to me somehow but I really should be ( there's those words again) ramping it up here to sell online...seamlessly and with ease for you and potential customers. I jest wanna show off  sometimes!

I do know I need to take breaks from the glass studio and the jewelry making because it taxes my pre-arthritic hands (at least I think that's what's going on) anyway they hurt if I do the same thing too many days in a row.

I had been doing triage for a bit, working on my most sale-able stuff that I know for sure will be flung out there to the Farmer's Market and shops and galleries. But then I got called back to playing with paper and doing mail art is so much fun and it justifies the heaps of STUFF I keep accumulating.

I did finish up my friend and neighbor's birthday present which I cannot reveal in the off chance that he'll see it. I know my blog shows up on his Facebook so I promise you I'll show it off later....It's so clever and my hus even sounded a little jealous of my efforts. He made me promise to make him a similar piece, so it really was a compliment, he's not really a jealous type, more covetous of cool stuff, really.

I have a backlog of blogs that I think I should have posted by now including our trip to Mata Ortiz but this is what you're getting today fresh off the table, a little Mod Podge Rogers stuff. I just saw a post today or yesterday from someone that was decorating old filing envelopes and I had been saving a couple for something. Now I just wish I could remember who inspired me....Sorry!

Front of Envelope File



Front of the second one



 And an envelope of sorts

I even lined the inside with images although you can't see that!

I did send some mail art to one of my less than picky friends that didn't mind receiving a pair of the prototype earrings from the last post  but I'll have to rely on her to put that up on her blog.

Anyway I'm happy with the results as a full day in the studio is a successful day no matter what I end up doing!


  1. sorry about your pain/hands..i can relate to doing things that cause that. somehow i dont mind when its something i love and want to do.

    SHOULD...shouldn't exist :)
    enjoy and have fun.
    i like your collages!

  2. shoot, that post was just as full as your life sounds right about now. LOL
    Also very inspiring and true.
    I would so rather sell face to face than online but thats all I got here. Shows are one in a million in these parts and it takes time and planning, travel to do the ones I want to do.
    your pocket files look amazing!!
    I am glad you took a break to show these off, LOL

  3. Dont worry about the 'should' or 'ought' as long as you are creating great pieces like this'em Kim.....can identify with the pre arthritic hands I have the same if I'm cutting out lots of faric my hands get so painful...especially my thumb joints ...that'll teach me for bending my double jointed thumbs back to touch my arm party piece as a kid ...xx

  4. These collages are fantastic as usual, you are really ramping up your creativity my friend, keep going. And as with everything there is balance, al least you are finding ways to work through you body's unhappy parts. xox Corrine

  5. Hey whatever, eh?! Ya do what ya wanna gotta do at this stage of the game.

    I keep thinking every time I see your newest set of collages that you're getting better and better at this. These are terrific! Keep up the good work, er play, er fun!

  6. Hi Kim, sounds like you are doing well...but I hope your hands don't hurt so much. I always love to see your beads/jewelry, and you decorated folders are wonderful!

  7. Beautiful envelopes! Very creative media to work on. I already "flit" in my life from one task to another. Whether it's at the crafting table or in my work I am paid to do, I do a little traveling between tasks, rather than take the linear approach. I acknowledged that contributes to a feeling of never quite completed. Not so long ago a man my age and whom I went to school with officially retired. Done. No more. I nearly collapsed on his behalf and realized I am no where near ready to officially and completely retire. I'm still not so sure what I would do with myself. And that feels very unstable to me. I suppose I will know when the time is right. Take care of your hands, Kim. You're talking to one with her share of aches and complaints.

  8. Hi Kim
    I can understand completely about too many things swirling around - and then being less constructive than I want to be... but so it goes! I LOVE the envelopes as well!

    Yukon Kim

  9. Good work!!!In my blog is a candy,look this!

  10. These are wonderful, Kim! To me you sound so loaded with inspiration and creativity that sometimes it's hard to harness it! Sounds like you are doing some fun things!

  11. Awesome! I need to use up more ephemera... This may be the way :)

  12. There is no should. Only do.
    Have a look at this link for low pressure sales tips. It is all about sharing your work not pressuring people to buy.



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