Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I think I Promised This~ Preview

I'm pretty sure that I may have mentioned a few posts ago that I would show you the lampwork gizmos I've been making.  Lots of headpins and a few baubles. They work for more than earrings though. I'm sure you all can find ways to work them into other mixed media and fiber. Here is a preview of what is available NOW
to any of you that are interested.
Each headpin is $2 and I'm selling them in the sets you see here.
I'm open to making other colors but that may have to wait until I get back to Alaska.

They are formed on either annealed steel wire or 18 gauge copper wire.

I'll be putting these up on Etsy slowly but I'm happy to make deals here thru Paypal and would love to get these out to my bloggy friends so I may have a chance to see what you DO with them!
These are double ended "baubles" that are $2.50 a piece
( the top ones I will sell separately)
and some paddle/mod tulip shaped ones for the same.

Pointy twists and frits, I have some on Etsy too now

rounds, twists and slightly flattened headpins

In which Kim futzes with the wayward silk ribbons so you can view them better.
I was trying to be all shabby and random before.

 Now for ease of identifying...twists with soft serve ice cream ends
I have these at a high res so click for more detail.

More roundy-like ends on these.

So we're at the tail end of our snowbird season in Arizona and in ten days we'll be driving north to catch a ferry from Bellingham, WA.
I'll get to meet one of my wonderful bloggy buddies on the way for a dinner stop in Las Vegas, meeting Ms. Leslie LimesNow from Ramblings From Yet Another Stranger on the Bus.
She was keen on having a visit from Candace the Traveling Doll who mysteriously and tragically has disappeared and hasn't been heard from in months.
We are so saddened by this development and not quite sure how we could have lost her but it involved being sent to the wrong person (someone that had already had a visit) and from there we haven't a clue.
So her consolation will have to be a visit from me and the huz.

I'm looking forward to rather big blocks of time to create when we return to Studio del Norte in the Garaj Mahal. What I don't look forward to is the painful return to miserable dial-up and with gas at over $4 a gallon there I may be making less trips to the library for wifi. 
.......this is where you may hear faint moans and weeping through  the interwebs........



  1. Oh my goodness- wouldn't those be gorgeous in headbands, bridal headpieces, bouquets, brooches..... so I'm the ornamental type! They're wonderful Kim.

  2. Such beautiful eye candy, Kim! Can't wait to welcome you snow birds here to my part of the world.

  3. Gorgeous Kimbucha!!!!! Missing candace. Even flat Alice misses her too, and baby Alaskan doll too! xox Corrine

  4. Yet another Kim project! You are so prolific. These are really appealing, bet they're really wonderful in person!

  5. Hi Kim, these are FANTASTIC, such gorgeous little creations. Hope your return journey is a good one and that your dial-up doesn't cause you to become a nervous wreck! If you do have to hibernate away from blogland, I hope you have a cosy time. Pen x

  6. You re one versatile artist! These are simply lovely.

  7. Oh, wow, these are gorgeous! Are you really going to Alaska? It must be beautiful there in the summer, and I'm sure it will be worth not having the internet!


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