Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Overwhelmed... My Solution, Blog about it!

I'm overwhelmed! I think I need to curb my abundance somehow.
We got back from our North and South Carolina trip with fresh goodies from the stamp convention.
In addition to that I had another round of shopping at the gem show right before we took off. It seems that I had too many days off since my gem show shopping burnout and was afresh with new zeal for possibilities with new supplies. 
Will I get around to showing those off? I don't know.

I had a great trip with my husband Mr. Coryosity and my favorite older sister Robin
in Charleston, South Carolina.
(I have another favorite sister but she's my favorite younger sister)
They're sitting on a bouncy bench in front of Hyman's Seafood restaurant.
I had done a little research on restaurants in Charleston and came up with this one.
We happened upon it at just the right time and the line wasn't too awfully long to get in.
Robin is examining a sample hush puppy that they gave us as we were waiting.

A lot of famous folks have eaten here

I ate fish at this table.
Jerk swordfish, crabcakes, hush puppies, fried oysters and collard greens.
I'm glad we had time to walk this meal off!
An abundance of food!

Photo op in a hollow tree at the Charles Pinckney Plantation.
Didn't give a thought to the dangers of posing in a hollow tree.
My feet were alive with fire ants. The next half hour in the car I was ow!...
and ohh! as they made their way up my legs and bit me, crawling out of my removed socks and shoes and  all over the dash.
An abundance of ants!

Upon our arrival at home there were three boxes  and a postcard from
Amy at Artist in the Arctic waiting for me at our doorstep.
One box from lovely Lorna from Artymess, full of handpicked goodies.
I'll try to show these off later.
A box from Corrine at Dosfishes with my completed winter theme collaboration book that we did with Lyle from Just a Note
Another post for this as well..
And a box from my brother and sister in law from their trip to China
I have agents all over the world searching for goodies!

So what I really to be doing now is cataloging and sorting and putting these wonderful supplies together creating pieces to sell on my newly designed website that my nephew (favorite older sister's oldest son) just finished creating.  I know that I have more to add to it but I'm more than pleased with the first page. I think he did a wonderful job don't you think?

I also need to figure out how to put a shop up here on this blog as well, Anyone done this yet that can tell me how easy it is so I won't be so overwhelmed?

The good news is that even if I do none of these things life will be just fine and I needn't stress myself over it. We do have international visitors from Sweden showing up on Monday  for a two week visit so it's not so likely that loads will be accomplished. But then again I may surprise myself, I've been know to do that on occasion! Meanwhile, I aim to enjoy the abundance rather that let myself be overwhelmed.


  1. whoa that is a lot going on girl!
    Eeeks the ants part sounds painful and kinda scary.
    Glad it turned out okay.
    ooh all your goodies are sounding fun.
    Hope you find time to deal with it all.
    and hey, if you get someone to tell you the shop thing share it with us, I desperately need to add a shop to my blog. :)

  2. Sounds like you had a whole lotta fun! But boy has Charleston changed since I was a young thing growing up there. I never saw lines like that restaurant has back when we went out to eat. Course Hyman's wasn't even a restaurant when I was there! Your new website looks grand! Good luck sorting and selling!

  3. Excellent ending to being overwhelmed in this particular way. REVEL In it. My guess is that we are not always overwhelmed by an over abundance of wonderful thing, true? Great website, Kim. And I loved that picture of Robin. I was gonna say that I'd always suspected you were a Keebler elf when I saw the hollow tree picture, but the fire ants kinda wrecked the cuteness of that shot for me--picturing you in pain is not so good, you know? I can't wait to explore your website at length. For now, it's safely tucked in my "personal favorites" folder of bookmarks.

  4. Wow, you've been busy! Sounds like you had a great trip, except for the fire ants...ouch!

  5. wow, busy is right!! your new website is great!! very interactive and informational!

  6. great photos looks like you had a marvellous trip apart from those ants.ow! love your sisters arty bag..think you must come from an arty family and I want to eat that big fish for my dinner as it looks delish..have a good weekend

  7. Your trip sounds wonderful, and your new site is great--I really like how you have it set up!


  8. Your website looks beautiful...really highlights your wonderful creations! Your encounter with the fire ants does NOT sound like fun at all!!


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