Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Few of My 100 Faces

We had an exercise with the drawing group recently.
 We were supposed to draw 100 faces.
I haven't drawn faces since high school
 (a long time ago in a decade called the 70's)

Drawing that many faces uses a lot of paper.
I've been collecting old encyclopedias and the like

 It's good practice.
I kind of like this guy

I also was using a vintage hairdressing book.
The pictures were  rather stylized to begin with
( someone else's drawings)
Then I discovered an online scribbler on someone's blog
Sorry I don't remember who, but thanks whoever you are
This was so easy and fun after I figured a few basics on drawing faces 
like where the ears and eyes might oughta be ideally

I'm having some fun with this exercise and can see utilizing some of these pieces in collage.

I hope you check out the link, I must warn you it's habit forming, even addictive.


  1. ooo - i got that link from someone's blog too and i can't remember where. Love the look of the faces on the encyclopediia pages. i especially like democritus without his hat.

  2. YOur sketching is getting amazing. I like that scribbler take off. Safe trip and have FUN. Talk to when I return. xox Corrine

  3. I love the way you are using the old pages to draw the faces. What a great idea.
    Drawing faces is not very high on my list or ability, the way you are doing it looks interesting.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. oh dear this is soooo addictive, you are right.... thanks for the play time! xo

  5. Great effects with scribbler. I had forgotten about it and am trying to restrain myself from becoming addicted again...... oh well, just this once...

  6. I just checked out that site. Now I know what Peter Parker must feel like.

  7. I think you found your muse with the on-line scribber. Those are fabulous! I like the hair styles too & the 70's comment..I'm with ya on that one! Hello high school (bad) memories!! :)

    Would love to hear what else you've been seeing & purchasing at the Gem Show! It's raining today in Anchorage as I unpacked glass ~ yuck, so enjoy the sun & fun. Tam

  8. Looks like a fun project! I am the worst at faces ever..and my daughter does portraits... go figure!

  9. oh great!! just what I was missing from my life...more time on the computer...this scribbler is mind boggling! It's super fantastic and your sketches are super fantastic! love the book pages idea...may have to copy that one myself...ha ha...thx again, june

  10. Thanks for the link. I mentioned it (and you) on my blog.

    (p.s. I'm having an art giveaway, if you want to check it out! )


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