Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Prep Time for Travel

I had never seen a pomegranate tree until I moved to Arizona. 
They are usually a bit gone by by the time we arrive in early winter, but wow!

It will be nice to look at some different plants again.

It's the countdown month for heading south to our Arizona abode. I've been eyeing all belongings and categorizing them for pack, leave behind, don't freeze and which supplies I absolutely need to bring along knowing that I have a goodly stash on the other end.

I have other decisions as well, one of which is a revamp on my neglected website. It's offline for the time being due to unforeseen circumstances. Now is the time to streamline and make it better. Today was spent looking at other lampworker's websites, color swatches and fonts.

I've been getting advice to keep it more sleek than what you'd find on a blog, no quirky fonts,   and a neutral background. Hard for an artist type such as me to think about scaling back on.

I'm ready to retire my Papyrus font which at the time I thought was so cool but am beginning to find passe. (Why do I always make these decisions after a trip to the print shop for more labels and earring cards?) It will be a phasing out I suppose.

My work has taken a turn anyway since that website was set up and I hope to feature my mixed media work as well.

Our Alaskan winter is in full swing now and I feel as if I'm not quite here and not quite there yet. water is turned off in the Garaj Mahal studio and only one last show before I travel.


  1. What a life you lead...
    I'm envious.

  2. Wow just bought some pomegranates i love them journey pal ....xx

  3. The in-between times are the worst. I feel in betweens too so I get what you are saying. The Arizona sun will warm the brain up and let those ideas flow again my friend. xox Corrine

  4. I have learn a word because you: pomegranate. grenade in frensh. Name of the city in Andalousia in south of Spain.


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