Friday, November 12, 2010

Journal making with cereal boxes and muslin.

This was done on an already bound Russian book that they were withdrawing from the library.
I took out half of the pages within so that I'll have space to collage on the remaining pages.

This is a smallish journal about 4 inches square from a tissue box.

I found that the more texture with the muslin, the more fun I had painting it.
I love those Lumiere paints!

 The lavender dots changed everything.

Exterior of my first try at journal making.

Bible school publication and Chinese image

Antique coloring book image and handmade Balinese paper

Ode to an ocotillo


Interior and pre-made scrapbook page

Using up the paints at the end of the day for a page

An inside that I decided to make an outside

Interior of a journal~ vintage book image and Balinese playing card

Alcohol inks and paint

From a small tissue box and Bible school image

After I was given a lovely homemade journal when visiting my blog friend Corrine from Dosfishes, I was inspired to try my hand at her method of using old cereal boxes and painting gessoed muslin as a covering for some homemade journals.

It was fun for me as I haven't played with much painting in my artistic journey and it was very freeing to play with colors and layers and patterns. Also very messy too.
What I find fascinating is that even with different mediums I can recognize my characteristic style somehow.
I have a goodly collection of vintage imagery and papers to highlight the interiors so it's been fun compiling them to fill these journals.
These still will take a few more embellishments before they're finished but I wanted to show you all what I've been up to before I pack up the studio and head south.

In the works are some lampwork and copper paper clips for the journal pages that I hope to share with you once I am happy with how they come out!


  1. Your journals are great! I especially like the ocotillo variant, as I am hoping to snag a piece of one of those plants when I visit Tucson in February. I read that they are very easy to grow, but am not sure they'll make it in the coastal rainforest of Northern California. Anyway, brilliant work on the journals - they're beautiful and even better because they're recycled.

  2. your journal pages,covers , pages that became covers all look like fun. love those lavender dots! corrine surely can get you going on something , cant she! when do you move "south"?

  3. Patty, yes I love the ocotillos. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't make it in the northwest. I tried to make some ocotillo beads that came out pretty strange once. Maybe I'll stop by for a visit in February when we're @ the gem show.

    Lyle, we head out in just over a week. Our biggest problem right now is that we got overzealous in our hunting and gathering and have already filled two coolers to bring down. Anybody want some rhubarb, cranberries or blueberries? haha!

    Kass, Thanks so much for your comments. It makes me feel good that you're still keeping tabs on me.

  4. those are awesome! I had been thinking of trying my hand at crafting a journal for a friend. I think I'll go ahead with it.

  5. I like what you are doing very much! Wonderful textures and layers with the muslin.

  6. Yay kim you've been busy love your colour choices .yes you most def have your own quirky style which comes through no matter what you create .....i love them ....full of your energy ...xx

  7. "Bible school publication and Chinese image"

    Are they missionaries?

  8. This looks like a lot of fun! I really like the idea of using the muslin for texture...I am inspired to try it in one of my pieces!

  9. This has decided me! I'm going to learn how to make artist's books--so many great ideas here. Looking forward to seeing what you will make in Arizona vs. Alaska!

  10. Kim! I love the journal you made - thank you! I had a great time today with you ladies...we must coffee again : ) xo

  11. wow ! I thought the first one was painted on wood til I read cereal box !
    Love Ode to an Octillo.

  12. love these paint fav one is the page with the ends of paint left over..i like your mix of colours..bright for arizona and pale for alaska

  13. These are really fun! I told you the muslin would be addictive. Great play at work here! xox Corrine

  14. I have no idea how to help you with the laptop but I have enjoyed a second look at these papers. LOVE that first one.

  15. I've used cereal boxes for 'applique' embellishments, the kids provide us with loads! Corrine certainly has a wonderful way with them - I'll take a leaf out of your books & get on with one!


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