Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finding Uncle Henry

Someone's Uncle Henry Milliken
from Maine

My grandfather as a model~ Ralph Smith at 3 years old
for an advertisement for children's "waists"  in 1897

Leo Otte's (seated far left) bar 1930's in Toledo Ohio

An unknown girl from my husband's Otte side
circa late 1800's

I used the image as a transfer against some old correspondence
from a shop in Delphos that I found with the picture.

Husband David Cory's Great Grandfather Grant Cory 
circa late 1890's  post-Spanish American War.

Grant Cory's Cigar and  Bike shop~ Alexandria, Va

As I was going through the tintypes and cabinet photos that my Dad had picked up at a grange hall sale in Maine, I always like to look up names if there are any on the photos. Google is a good friend at these times. I was able to track down someone's Uncle Henry Milliken  (in the first photo) as possibly being on the Portland, Maine Board of Trade in 1887 and presiding over the marriage of John Blake  & Lena Smith in October 1883 in the town of Ellsworth, Maine, the same town where photo was found. He also was possibly the same Henry Milliken that was born in Bath, Me in 1843.

The second photo is one that had been saved by my family with my grandfather being used as a model for an advertisement for children's "waists" at 3 years old in 1897.

I have access to an album of my husband's family which I've scanned for artwork.

Less is known about my husband's family photo of the young girl with slightly crossed eyes other than it was taken in Delphos, Ohio.

So many of these old photos have no names on them except for the photography shop name  I'm finding.


  1. that is too cool, I never even thought about tracking the names.
    I love the cigar bike shop photo!

  2. Great photos .......what news of Candace has she made it to she wishes she had taken that costume with her now ....xx

  3. great photos and I like the transfer...I never have any luck with transfers I suppose I will just have to practice!

  4. these are really cool!
    you did an awesome job with the transfer.

  5. Wow Kim, these are exquisite aren't they? What a trove of treasures. Such great photos and their stories. Thanks for sharing these and your encouraging words over at mine. Best, Pen x


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