Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Image and imagination

"Down on the Farm"

I had a chance to go through a great drawer at an antique shop in Tucson while I was waiting for a friend that needed a ride home from the doctor.

I found some nice vintage images to play with and try out an image transfer technique that I had read about. It involves ironing freezer paper to muslin and putting it through the printer. It worked pretty well except for some bunching on one sheet that didn't have a totally stiff edge ( that can be remedied by taping it)
I had recently gotten some tapa paper at a garage sale by disassembling some place mats which proved to be a nice excavation when I found that the paper had been formed on pieces of old Pacific Cement bags.

I also picket up a slew of old rusty tiles near our property recently that looked like perfect surfaces for some altered art.

I addition to that I just had to buy an old wooden shoe shine kit at the thrift store, thinking that perhaps I could use the shoe polish as a surface treatment. The very next day I read about Don Madden of Fully Flummoxed doing the very same thing on The Altered Page feature "Secret Sunday".

I was pleased with the results of shoe shine on a gessoed board. It came out with a wax shine that I could scratch up for a bit of distress.


  1. shoe shine on gesso, brilliant! these are great pieces. the images are perfect with the coloring and found rust.

    thanks for stopping by today. I like the idea of you making a book with your sons childhood artwork. It could be very fun and funky if you added other memories like photos or pieces of their handwriting or even your journaling over the artwork.... just thinking out loud :)


  2. So many wonderful finds here.The rusty tiles are lovely(hubby always laughs when I tell him,the rustier the better)But you have beautifully put all these pieces together to create lovely works!!!I love your style girl!!Hugs, Cat

  3. Beautiful work!
    ps I loved your comment on the donkey traffic jamin Marrakesh.

  4. nice work
    wanted to let you know that I got my PRIZE - thank you so much - the beads are beautiful
    the wax will be pretty as a finishing layer on some of your pieces - I love to use wax

  5. Gosh! I am so happy to find you.. I love your work.. I am looking forward to scanning through your pages! I featured your bottle cap earrings on my blog..
    great stuff!

  6. I also love anything that's rusty:-) Your work is fantastic! Both creations are amazing! Love especially the framed one. It looks so old, like something I'd pick up in an antiques shop.
    Thanks for stopping by my Blog and leaving such a nice comment!
    Gaby xo

  7. Just found your blog and am enchanted by it and your amazing work. I am really going to enjoy following what you do.

  8. Thanks for the wonderful comments, The feedback is always welcome.


  9. Dear Kimberly

    I have to blend out words such as fascinating and enchanting as well just to describe your blog.
    I would be honored not only with a single visit but also with the possibility of having your name on our friend's group.




  10. Lovely pieces! They evoke all sorts of memories. My grandmother had a woven grass basket with a lid which was full to the brim with old photographs, buttons, a camphor block in an ecru coloured crocheted sachet and a broken ivory necklace.


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