Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I've Gotta Crush!

I just acquired a frit crusher! This means I can turn big glass into little glass all day.
Crush it!

Pretty glamorous! Heavy metal, man.
I had my big push with my last Numi-matchstick auction and rewarded myself with some play time, ever searching for new effects.

I had some bigger chunks that just didn't seem to work that well like this salmon frit. 
dang autocorrect keeps changing it to grit. But the one that takes the cake is when it turns bicones into bacon. I did an OS update andI've got to figure out how to turn it off.
 Now that it's smaller it has more character melted in.

hauling out old stashes of glass and pulverizing them!

revisiting some old techniques just to see what happens if I add a bit of this over that.

these are super sparkletron in person...you just wouldn't believe!

these nummy numi's too

I achieved a more subtle stoney effect with some great milky frit pieces and a mottled background

pearlescence and sparkle!

OK I wasn't going to let loose of any of my shield dagger shapes ever. I was saving for my own designs but I made a lot so now I'm ready but they will be limited.

just plain old topaz glass frit perked up this enamel

More minimalist numi-matchsticks with some real silver leaf pieces.

I don't want to make these all day long but there are some...also limited

Crubbly crusty whorl. Super happy with it's sage wisdom

 I had some beads make there way back to me. They are glad to be home but I think they wouldn't mind some more travel

Just experimenting with my photo placing the bead on the outside of the light box.

another subtle one with milky salmon frit and an underlayment of sparkle. Very organic.

I paired up some "frayed knots" with Lucy Haslam's
"Tangled" ear wires from her FaeryStones shop. She's got a fabulous new shop with ear wires and handmade chain. I've already put in an order and received some finely finished satiny findings. she takes great care in her work, that is evident.

Just a few short weeks until my annual migration south begins and I will be taking a break until I get settled again around the third week of November. If you have any custom orders you need before then I can see if I can accommodate you.


  1. I am very partial to the ones with the chunky salmon frit. So super fun that you had a play day and I see some new directions happening which is exciting too. Those little roundy ones are kind of the bee's knees, something so satisfying sometimes about round. I dunno, there just is! -- Julie

  2. Well it looks like fun to me.
    I like the crusty whorl but not sure how to use it ? Is it big to use in a necklace or smaller to use in earrings.
    But what ever the size it is fabulous.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I'm making that gurgling noise Homer Simpson makes when faced with doughnuts.

  4. Love those triangle ones, so cool. Yep your crusher looks like it can handle the work load. The mixes look great and you might find if you photograph the glitter ones on a dark background, they'll show up better. : )

  5. Nice Numi. Looking forward to more frit crushing experiements. Don't inhale no glass dust sistah! xox

  6. Love, love, love your new endeavors! that crusty whorl really speaks to me. When you get settled, we have to talk about some custom work for me. I'm moving into a "molten" phase myself and I think we could do some nice work together!

  7. That looks like a fun new toy! Your chunky salmon frit matchsticks are oober (lol) cool. Yummy shield shape. Always so good to see what you've been up to. It's never disappointing! Crush on!

  8. Wow, those shields are looooooovely.

  9. How fun. Everything is just fantastic! I'm drooling.

  10. Oh what fun - a glass crusher and then getting to make such beauty with the pieces! Love all of it! Hope the trip south goes well - we have just returned from a 3 week southern trip - and the morning seems dark and cold. Must readjust!

  11. Your numi-matchsticks look absolutely fantstic!

    Gaby xo


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