Friday, October 3, 2014

Afraid Not


I am in love with this new glass.

Frayed Knots
I was using it to make some of my sleek Birch headpins and before I melted it all in this is what I saw.
I kind of fell in love with them too!

and then there is this color that I call Raven's Wing..
 it's got a bit of iridescent spots added.

These are "Bruised Birch"

Then I crustified them

Then I thought I'd take the Frayed Knot idea a little further with the nudging of a customer  and make some different colors

been such a long time since I made any limpets


crubbly whorls

Wicked Fiwah

just plain wicked

caramel swirl

Can't even think about selling these yet!

 I had one rod only of this crazy color, Sunset Rose


Bat buds!

and finally one of my early attempts at something sculptural.

I'm off to a bead show in Anchorage and maybe will have a few goodies left to put on my Facebook page or Etsy shop. Stay tuned and thanks for looking!


  1. Save travels and wishing you a great show. Loving these swirls pieces of joy : )

  2. Safe trip!! I am drooling over those swirls, too. Gorgeous!!!

  3. I love them all--and the words, you have me with them, too!

  4. The new limpets....the Crusty Bruised Birches....crubbly whorls...aaawwwkkk.
    I am in serious pain that I cannot have these!!!!
    If any survive the Anchorage bead show, I WANT THEM !!!!! (Please?)
    xo j

  5. God, whenever I see all your pieces together like this I'm always left a little speechless. The sum total is overwhelmingly delicious :) Hope you sell tons at the show...I'll be sniffing around the dinner table afterwards for scraps!

  6. Crusty Crubbly Frayed (or is that fraid) GNOTS- yuuuummmmmm

  7. YOu know I love your crusties and crubbles. Birch is such a perfect name for this glass. I can see it out my window. xox

  8. The crustified bruised Birch pins had me dazed OMG those little bud babies just OMG

  9. Oh, lovely knots & birch. All quite delicious!


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