Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Random Road Trip Pics

A few pics from the trip. Trying to see if I can manage to blog from my phone.
I made a ring at Art is You. Went on a paddle wheel river cruise and met LoveRoot Nikki. Not in that order.
My laptop computer battery was all bulged out from it's storage in Arizona these last 6 months so that's kind of dead in the water until I find a new one.


  1. looking good kim! hope you had tons o' fun.

  2. love your random road pics! and you look so happy! enjoy!

  3. Great ring, great pics, great fun-from the look of things! Hope every step of the way is a blast.

  4. This crusty ol' hermit loved seeing you and hubs <3 <3 <3

  5. looks like it was a great trip! Love the ring you made. weather is still unseasonably warm here in the North, but I am sure real winter will arrive soon!


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