Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Maine Post


I think not!

I'm going to go backwards in time as I promised last post and give you some flashes of the last month or so including my trip to Maine.
This is not Maine however but project in the works in my Arizona neighborhood that I stumbled upon during one of my walks.

A glass encrusted saguaro cactus sculpture with antique glass.
I found a little green marble down the street and brought it back for the guy to add to the sculpture.
We went back east in time for some super cold weather.
I snapped this on the way to Vienna.
( thats "Vy-enna", Maine talk)

My sweetie and pops banished to the garage for their pipes.
We'll call this shot "Frozen Pipes"

I was coveting this measuring stick that had belonged to my grandfather in my cousin's wood shop but since he actually uses it to make beautiful furniture I had to be satisfied with taking a photo.

My folks are graciously de-aquisitioning collectibles and sundries. 
My grandfather picked up this key during World War I.
It's from a bombed out cathedral in France.
The tag says "This key opened the door in the north Trancept of Rheims Cathedral
France 1914"
I will not be using this in an altered art project.

Since we were only taking carry-on luggage this trip I was keeping my antiquing to a minimum.
I had to bypass the antique Olivetti typewriter that was only $55. My sewing machine collection is already getting out of hand. These were an assortment of little vintage gem bags.
I think I can work them into some pieces somehow.

Went to our favorite coin shop in Bangor. 
Can't go wrong with a tray full of tokens and coins for 10 cents a piece!

You'll be happy to know it says accepted on the other side.

This was from my grandfather's collection that my cousin ended up with.
he gave us a deal on it.

and he gave me this silver dollar that had been in my grandfather's collection.
Nice cousin!

If I had a hammer...

Honey knows what I like...a tin of pins
some chain and vintage earrings from the antique shop.
We discovered a great restaurant  called "Flatlanda Diner"on the Skowhegan Rd on the way to the antiques mall.
They had fish chowdah and the best onion rings.
They know how to make good onion rings in Maine all lacey and thinly sliced.
I don't bother with them anywhere else in the world.

OK, I'm jumping way back to our India trip way last year because I never shared this wonderful antique dapping block that I got on Jew Street in Jew Town- Fort Kochi, Kerala
( that's really the name of the place)

and this vintage chain from Maine I really must explain.
I just found out from fancifuldevices that it's called "book chain"

Oh let's do jump back to a Tucson find... bus tokens!

I am occasionally coming up for air in the midst of my ART-tickle writing to make some things.
I won't go into my struggles with that because I want to present myself as breezing through my artistic life with not a care in the world. I should have left some room for you to read between the lines on that statement. 
Thank gawd it's 99.9% ready to send off now!
Thanks to the support of a few friends that could smell my anxiety sweat from as far away as Massachusetts and Texas. (Thanks, Janet and Corrine)

And thanks to Tracy for providing me with some pewter to play with.
Oh and one 'nother thing I thought I'd mention.
I do aim to reply to all ya'lls thoughtful comments and it does get away from me sometimes.
More and more I'm encountering no-reply bloggers so I am going to endeavor to reply to you here but ya gotta come back to see it or make sure you get notifications if you want it to show up in your email.
This has perplexed the hell out of me for a long while as to what folks preferences may be for  reciprocity in social intercourse of the internet variety.
For those of you that like it fast and furious there's always my numinositybeads facebook page if you're so inclined.
Lately I've also been showing my faceface on Creative Bead Chat group on facebook iffen you dig that kind of interaction too.

I'll be around for the next week or so and then it's South America bound. My shop will be closed from Feb 25th til march 25th so be sure to stop by if you need anything before then.
I hope to get a few more days in the studio before we take off .


  1. wow. i need ta start carrying a camera around with me. never know what might be out there thati could share with YOU! cause you share so much with us. xoxo

    1. It sure is fun when you get into a practice of documenting the deets of your surroundings.

  2. Whew it's done, those new earrings and what omg goodies from Maine.....xox

    1. Traveling light and still bringing home a haul!

  3. Replies
    1. I doubt I'll ever use it. I've got it on display.

  4. Fun fun fun to catch up with your latest travels and finds, Kim! I sure appreciate your self-deprecating truthfulness about artsy struggles - we all gots um! Best wishes for your SA trip. -sus

    1. Thanks so much...uh yeah... it was quite the challenge for this organizationally challenged gal!

  5. Love those tokens, can't wait to see what you come up with and safe travels for your South American trip

    1. Sometimes I worry that I'm too busy collecting to create but one day I'll use 'em!

  6. Wow, I haven't visited for a while . . . very informative post. I love all the eye candy, earrings and photography. Have a great adventure in South America.
    Connie :)

    1. Thanks Connie. I had a lot of little bits to catch up on with this post!

  7. Such nice pictures. Especially the frozen dudes in garage.
    Glad you had some fun with the pewter. Safe trip!

    1. One of these days I'll delve into heating and manipulation it. These were just folding and patina just to see what that would do.

  8. i am enthralled with this post but i must admit i did get sidetracked at the saguaro. LOVE. do you know the guys name? does he have a website? should i just google mosaic saguaro???

    woo - you wouldnt believe how many mosaic saguaro of one sort or another are out there...

    now back to see the rest of the post more carefully...

  9. I didn't get the guys name . I know he was from Washington state and was sculpting it for a friend here I think it's his first one and he just does it for fun and for hire in this case.
    He told me about how he scavenged though old dumps to get the glass on the east coast and here down in the desert.

  10. fascinating post post Kim, and now I know it is called "book chain" thanks! as for reciprocity in the blogosphere, I have always just been happy with returning a blog comment... but I will pop back to see your response... x

    1. That works for me too. I just found out about the name of the chain after I had bought this. It's been such a busy year with less time for creating than I would have liked so I like to share the other bits of my collecting and travels too.

  11. Thanks for stopping by, Kim. The social networking thing is tricky--I'm always way behind,(backwards, even) but I do love looking in your blog and dreaming of being in your shoes in S. America. I'll be looking forward to your next post...

    1. I suffer from blog guilt a good bit of the time, I never feel as if I'm keeping up my end with commenting and I know how much I love to get 'em! We'll see if I can present any semblance of a blog while I'm traveling. Just bringing the smartphone this time but at least I might be able to post something with it.

  12. Great post Kim - so full of goodies, images and stories. I too understand the creative struggles of article writing. I enjoy it, but it is a struggle. As are so many things that are worth while. Loved the post! Enjoy your trip to S.America. (We leave for Fairbanks tomorrow - will wave to the place when we pass by!)

    1. Next time I write an article I'll know more what to have lined up from the get-go. Definitely a learning experience!

  13. I feel like a stowaway after going on the journey with you through your blog. Great stuff, Kim. Thanks so much for sharing all your treasures. And I do mean ALL your treasures. Great shot of the guys. The little hammer...all of it! Coolest dapping block I ever saw!

    1. I thought you'd like the dapper guys and the dapping block!

  14. Kim, this post is full of the most interesting and pretty photos...just fun to read! Hope you have a wonderful time on your travels!


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