Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Maine Trip

Back in Alaska again, returning to the turning leaves and threats of frost already.
Harvesting what's left of my pathetic garden and trying to get my mind back in gear for business.
I brought a few components along on my trip back east.
I'd won some of Kristi Bowman's wonderfully texture copper dangles. I knew they would look great paired with my copper enamel drops and lampwork. She had already shown me how she had paired some of my criffles with her snakeskin bails.
I had the hardest time selling these yellow crystal shaped bead earrings when they were hanging alone. I had actually dismantled three different pairs in this color scheme and tried selling them as a bead set.
Then I took apart the bead set and gave them a matte finish...still couldn't sell them.
and now I've put them together with the enameled copper and the sea urchin rectangles and sold them immediately to my sister who never ever wears yellow.

Unfortunately I didn't bring along enough of the metal elements and spacer beads that tie a design together. It's so hard to pack everything you think you may need  for designing.
I used up what I could and saved a few ideas for when I got back to my stash.
But I did come up with these.
Once again these are Kristi's textured feathers paired with my criffles.

My limpet bead caps and some shiny leaf shaped headpins.
I have no idea where I picked up the brass stampings.
That's so unlike me too. I usually remember where I pick up stuff.

Criffles and lampwork and an experiment with trying to do the baking soda effect on enamel drops.
I found that it tends to eat the enamel and make it rather sticky so I put a layer of sealant on the drops.

Another limpet bead cap combo with Kristi Bowman's leaf shaped textured headpins.

Now to show off some of my loot...
Vintage paper beads already made from the Super's Junkin store

A very malleable plaque that I think I can cut up for earring pieces

A most wonderful tin ( I have the bottom too) 
but it's almost too nice to cut up for earrings isn't it?

Some organic matter. The barnacle had a snail stuck inside it.
I had to free it so it wouldn't stink
I found a great antique bottle seaglass piece too with a snail stuck in the neck but I had to give it to my husband when I realized I didn't have any presents for him.
He always brings me presents.

Cool snips

I had planned on journaling but only managed a few collage pages

I had a cousin that I hadn't seen in 40 years or so that knows how to translate Greek and Sanskrit
and was able to discern some of the text that alek had sent me

It's been such a long time since I made any ATC's
I love the  used carbon paper that I found in a drawer at the camp

This one is begging for some more layers I think

This one's my fave

And this one

More loot. I just love the local ephemera from an old Maine store from the 20's
One had the entire order of fireworks for  4th of July

I'm still scratching my head about the "Clerk Of Course" pin

Everyone need theese

Now for some Maine scenery.
This bridge goes to Campobello where the Roosevelt's spent their summers which is in Canada now.
My folks' passports expired so I didn't get to go over.

A new (old) boat showed up on the bay in front of our place this year.
It's a lobster boat and I was told by our lobsterman that it's a "Novy" boat
which means Nova Scotia style

Went to Lubec to visit an old friend that I hadn't seen in 20 years.

Nice fog lifting.
They had some really good dulse for sale in this town.
I'm having it shipped back with the some of the best potato chips I've ever had.
They are crack chips called UTZ Dark Russet Gourmet.
I'm telling you these were good enough to ship back to Alaska.

Speaking of good, I had my share of these babies. There's a lobster glut going on so they were super cheap this summer.

Ah, fresh bloobs!
I'm partial to Maine blueberries but have grown to like Alaskan blueberries now.
The Alaska ones are much more tart and reportedly have higher antioxidants plus I know where to find them here for free.

So this is my Uncle Manley.
He said he didn't want to drive to visit us but if he could get his friend to drop him off across the bay they would kayak over for lunch.
He's 85!
I got to see another uncle turn 89 too.
Nice to know there's a bit of longevity in the fam.

This is his older brother, my Dad that can't quite get around as well but he's always up for a game of cribbage or crab picking or stripping fir balsam boughs for his daughter because the needles smell so good.
Poor guy has been through so many procedures and over 60 doctors in the last few years.
He was doing quite well though this visit. And Mom she's always cooking up something good for us.
He told me a funny story that I think he finally agreed to let me share. ( I think... don't tell him I told you)
He went to yet another clinic and the nurse wanted him to list all of his procedures and previous ailments. He got a bit confused at one point when he was trying to remember that he had gangrene and told her he had been treated for gonorrhea! He got a pretty strange look from the nurse
although mom got a good laugh out of that one.

This way I can bring a little of Maine home with me.

I returned home to this bounty.
I'll be smoking some up tomorrow with my special sake and soy sauce brine.


  1. I am loving EVERYTHING I see here! Your amazing lampwork, earrings, collage, ephemera, and oh God.....MAINE!! I looooove Maine, it's been 2 years since I have been there and I am in major withdrawal! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh Kimberly, you made me laugh so hard at your story :)

    Sounds like it was a most wonderful trip not only in visiting your loved ones but in the treasures too!

    Loving that second collage page here. Very cool work.

  3. What a feast for the eyes!
    Thanks for sharing this!
    Love the earrings...
    And that salmon looks yummy!

  4. Thank you for sharing your summer travels with us. While you were away, I had back surgery. So at the moment I am traveling virtually through blogs like yours.

    Love all the things you made.

    You were really down east weren't you? I don't think I have ever been further than Mount Desert Island.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing Kimberly, I love what you did with my Copper Components. I think my favorite might be the blue with the urchin feathers but I love everything else too. Your collages are so great and all your photos of your trip. Wonderful post!!!

  6. You have had a great time - family and friends and fun shopping too. All I can say is that it is just as well you had a good time and shared it with us 'cos I've missed having you around ...

  7. The first pair of earrings get's the prize!(if I were handing out prizes :-) Your sister has good taste.

  8. Big story, still taking it all in. You got alot done even though you were a visiting lots of folks. Nice shots of Maine, those bloobs are so good. Nothing sweeter than a wild Maine bloob. Still marveling at your Uncle and his kayaking skills. xox

  9. Excellent post. Especially like the yellow earrings. Maine looks like a wonderful place to spend a summer. Only been there once but always wanted to go back.Thanks for sharing. Give us a smile with those celluloid teeth.

  10. Your father is sweet to give you the Balsam to remind, and I can smell it, sticky on the fingers. I spy firewood, and am thinking about Maine, the chill at night in August... and how cheap lobster is (drool) I should head up to New England. You also get the good Salmon. Great post, love all the images. The paper beads look familiar. Your collage is wonderful!

  11. I can smell the balsam in my head, too! Did you used to have those cute pillows that said 'for you I pine, for you I balsam' filled with needles? Loved those!

  12. Awww...what a great trip you had! I want to visit Maine sometime.

    Love your earrings...very cool. And that plaque & tin are awesome!

  13. Cheap lobster - who woulda thunk! Glad you had a good time. I see you are a paper ephemera too!

  14. Your collages are fabulous and your earrings look like they'd be having a party in your ears. Loved hearing about your trip down east. Can't wait to see what you do with the celluloid teeth!

  15. It looks like a great trip! Lovely visit, lovely souvenirs (balsam bits!) and some beautiful creations you made. We did have frost a few weeks ago, but it hasn't made it the last few days...just a degree above freezing last night. The darkness is coming though.

  16. What a fun post, Kim...your jewelry and collage creations are really wonderful...and I loved the seeing the Maine scenery! The story about your dad and his ailment mix-up was classic...I bet your mom DID think that was funny!

  17. Ah what a great post, Kim. Love your collage sense. Thanks for sharing the time in Maine with us and WELCOME HOME! -sus

  18. No doubt you are up to full swing again on the home front, after scooping up all that fresh air and all those blueberries!

    I'm so glad you are back--love those cards and your trademark earrings.

  19. What a wonderful trip, thank you for sharing your photos of Maine they are so evocative, I can almost smell the salt brine and am hankering for some oysters now. I love the bright yellow earrings and that smoked salmon is making my mouth water... yum!

  20. I live in Ellsworth, ME and of course, recognize all of the places in this post! I loved the story of your father and his 'condition' ;) Love Super Junkin's in Town Hill! We used to buy pitch forks from him and make them into clam hoe's.
    Also want to thank you for linking to my blog/site! I recently shipped an order to a woman in Tucson who said she found my shop via your blog. So glad she mentioned the name of it so I could find you! Great blog. And small world :)

    Julia, OneWomanStudio


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