Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Laws of Custom Orders ~ 300th Post

Well folks, this here is my 300th post.
I can hardly believe it. This from the gal who can barely keep up a journal for more than four days.
Maybe because I'm a show off that this works for me.

And finally I'm getting a semblance of a formula for photographing my work.
You have no idea how long it took me to get over that hurdle.
It was one reason it took so long for my bead and jewelry shop to get off the ground.

I was relying on scan for my vintage and supply shop but you can't get away with that when you're selling fine jools to all you discerning arteest types.
Now I'm starting to enjoy capturing my pieces against the plethora of props in my home.

Nice to know archaeologists that know how to knap.

So upon my return I was inundated with requests for certain components in an array of colors by quite a few customers.
It's been a solid week of catching up just with these custom orders which has been great.
I'm also realizing that there are a few inherent laws of custom orders. This is what I've come up with so far. Please feel free to add your own experiences.

1) You will have to make three times as many items to be happy with the set you are trying to produce.

 2) You will run short on one of the supplies needed to finish the order after you cheerfully agreed to

3) Communication will run amok and you will choose the wrong platform in which to finalize the deal.
   Someone is unfamiliar with the convo system on Etsy for example and doesn't see your photos that
     you have prepared for them.

 4) You get confused about amounts someone was asking for and make less than what they clearly
      asked for.

5) Your workspace gets filled with partially completed orders almost ready to ship.

These are not complaints, I'm delighted to be granting requests for sets of beads and components it's just kind of new for me and  is taking up an unused corner of my brain and  any vestiges of organizational skill I may have. 
Slightly bent nail

Siberian bear-hunting armor (leather suit, metal helmet), 1800's
photo © Malcolm Kirk


  1. Congrats Kim...i can't even keep a journal for four days so you are my hero. Love the fab textures and colors you are achieving with the metals!

  2. Love love love your "new" photos of your work. Shows them off beautifully.
    Especially love the forth photo from the bottom the rustic bolt with your bead and what looks like a diamond (?) like ring ... fabulous !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. great photos Kim .....what camera do you use ?....Jim is impressed with them and I am loving your new work .....xx

  4. Everything you said is right about those tricky custom orders.

    And your photos are beautiful!

  5. I don't think I would want to meet any bears no matter what kind of suit I was wearing. Cool new bead shots, just the right amount of panache to show off the work! 300 and going. I was wondering where you were this morning? And now here you are. xox

  6. Congratulations! Your new photos are gorgeous. Your customers are gonna want to buy the cool props too. And your observations about custom orders made me laugh -- I had to made a trip today to A.C. Moore to get something to finish a custom order. Of course they didn't have what I needed (wanted) and I'm going to have to make do.

  7. Loving the nails and lampwork, such a cool look

  8. Yes your photos are beautiful, but it is your work that is more impressive! Wow! Loving the copper and criffles... and yah custom orders can be tricky. Happy to see you back.

  9. Echo on the nice pics but those pieces would be gorgeous regardless. The very holey bone prop is very nice and the bear suits are hilarious. I wonder how well they worked if at all. Probably just pissed the bear off. Don't look easy to run in...
    and love Malcolm Kirk's man as art Photos.

  10. You have totaly summed up the custom orders experience - you are definitely not alone there. Your fotos look great!

  11. Love the rustic nails!! Congrats on making it to 300. I'm sure I'll be that old when I get to that many entries!

  12. Congrats on reaching 300 posts Kim! Your photographs are wonderful!Enjoyed the bear hunting armor :-)

  13. I think you've found the perfect feature with the archeological finds helping to show your works at their best. Congratulations on 300 posts!! Keep going!

  14. ugh, this is why i dont do custom orders. cuz when its a whole necklace you cant very well make 3... and unlike the original one they want you to copy, the 3 copies are no fun at all....
    but hey remember when i was encouraging you w/yr pix? and now they're awesome. it took me so much longer to get any good w/pix!!! ages. years. plus your work is so killer it hurts to look at.

  15. Big congrats on 300! Dude.
    And you do magic with glass...amazing stuff!

    Plus, you made me look up "hot corn, cold corn, bring along the demijohn, yessir!"
    hehe. Fun song!

  16. I would make more custom orders but I get so stressed out, for all the reasons you cited ... then it is no longer fun making beads. So I typically turn down custom orders unless they are very opened ended and I can back out if things aren't going well.

    Love your work!

  17. Lovely work as always Kim! I love my little pieces that you have made, they are part of my lovely little treasures collections. I too struggle with custom orders (I have only had a few, but have found them difficult for all of the reasons you mention). Also love your photo prop collection. Amazing obsidian spearhead!

  18. i love those collections of what appear to be some kind of metal 'label' that in the pix seem rusty with enamel [although that would have to be serious magic]

  19. What a great post! Yep, I think you summed up some of the many things that happen with custom requests for sure ;) I really love the pink wavy discs and the very pretty enameled "dagger" drops.

    xo Genea


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