Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Components

Taking a side trip to explore some new components.

These are crusty lampwork glass bead caps or they could be considered beads in themselves.
They certainly are NOT going to be uniform in any way other than color and being domed.
Cuz you know that's the way I roll...randomnosity
Criffles' little cousins. 
I need to come up with a name for these caps.

I'm already feeling like high grading them for myself which only means I need to make more.

A studnik sandwich anyone?

I'm taking a bit of a break from the matchsticks as I have been experiencing some vision problems.
Probably has nothing to do with the torch but I thought I'd take a break just the same.
I have an eye doctor appointment on Thursday.
I'll be listing some of these babies soon.

more steampunkture

da undaside

loving each other

Lampwonk shiny feeler gap gauge

So I was doing a little destash and helping out a fellow designer that said she might be running a little low on supplies. We just can't have that. And knowing that she's on a neutrals color spree currently that made it a little easier to pare down the choices.
What I didn't expect is that it would turn into a trade and I got this pile of goodies back!

And she sent me these! 
She went straight to work with the supplies.
You can already see how she made a moose's tooth into a pin!
or you can check out her blog Darlicious Rejuvenations here


  1. i love the caps! sad to hear about the eyes. do hope all works out in your favor! xoxo

  2. Vision problems?! I don't like the sound of that at all!

    I do like your new caps though!

  3. Oooooohhhhhhh. Awwwwwwwwwwwww. Your new randomosities are amazosity! Ok, that's not a word but it should be.
    Hoping you get a good report on your eyes. Xxxx

  4. Always interesting twists and turns in your creative process! Enjoy your 4th. Let me know what the eye doc says. xox

  5. Those tomato red randomosities ROCK - well, they all do but red is my favorite. Happy 4th, Kim - sus

  6. mmmm loving the steampunkture and your Darlicious earrings. Hope your appointment goes well tomorrow.

  7. Loving those caps, Kim - and the wonky feeler gauge!!
    Blimey, good luck with your appointment - eye trouble is the last thing you need.
    xoxoxo :O)

  8. lovely - more of what the world needs - "kimponenets"! they look great. Hope all goes well with the eye doctor. good luck

  9. You're on a roll! The new components are awesome! You did a great job with that son of yours too! ;)


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