Tuesday, July 17, 2012


There's a giveaway going on over at Kristi Bowman's blog.
It's not these earrings but I just wanted to show you how she paired my criffles with her snakeskin bails.
Pretty cool I'd say!

Some new stuff going up over at my Etsy shop.
I was on a bit of a lull in my head. I wish I could blame it on the heat  but it's kind of the opposite up here in the subarctic 64th parallel.
waking up to more grey and rain and 49 F degrees.
Oh, let's see it's up to 59 today, woot!
In any casee I'll be off on a trip back east to Maine in a few weeks to enjoy some perfect summer weather by the bay hopefully.

moose toothily crusty nail bit

I was so excited by my new sampler pack of enamels.
I still have the same enamels that I started with back 15 years ago.
I wasn't going through them all that fast just rolling my beads in them.
But now this copper enameling operation is using it up much faster.
There were all these new colors that I hadn't seen before!
Turns out they were transparent rather than the opaque I had always been using. 
So the effect was a bit different, some may work. I rather like the way these came out.


  1. yummy, as usual. my family hails from Maine! have a blast. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Kimberly, good luck!

  3. Ah those criffles - yummo! And Kristi has made excellent use of them! I can't wait for warmer weather and blues skies either ...

  4. those earrings are amazingly cool!

    Oh I long for 59*
    what, you need me to come house sit while you are in Maine...lol
    Have fun by the bay.

  5. Beautiful goodies, Kim! 49 degrees! Actually it sounds good to me after this heat...lol

  6. Love those earrings in the first photo! Have a great time in Maine!

  7. ...looking good, Kim! Enjoy your trip to Maine!

  8. It's all wonderful! Love the way the criffles turned into earrings. Come visit the High Plains if you need some warmth... we're in for another week of 100 degree days.

  9. I love those criffles! Enjoy your trip to Maine and send me some of that cooler weather pretty please.

  10. more beautiful supplies... I want them all.
    Safe trip!!

  11. Awesome headpins!

    Send cool weather please! It's HOT here.

  12. I love them too! It looks like we are finally getting some summer weather this week! Yeah! It is supposed to be between 70 - 80 all week. I will keep my fingers crossed. Enjoy your trip to Maine!

  13. Oh nice giveaway. I like your work with hers, it really shines. I would have taken 49F last weekend. It was 102 in Wisconsin. Still really hot where Dave is I bet too. I will give you a ringy dingy...xox


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