Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Putting on the Blitz...a listing frenzy

I was feeling kind of listless... 
meaning I hadn't listed anything in my shop lately. 
Conditions hadn't been all that great for photography...
wind...clouds... rain
Besides I'd been busy in the studio and taking you all on tours...
and dealing with my roneriness

This is what happens when I'm sipping bourbon and watching Deadwood in the evening.
Good thing I didn't name them F****ing C*cks***er earrings.
My friend on FB says why bother to put symbols in your swear words, if you have to do that  don't even bother to use the word then.
I say F*** Y**! to her
and I didn't want to have to put an adult warning on my blog... so there!
Torch enameled discs turning into earrings
they'll go under my NuministaChic earring category

Put up a boatload of listings in my shop today

These are ultra large

A little of everything




beads all aglow and crusty

This was a *WIP and ReWIP and unWIP and ReWIP
since way last year. 
I just couldn't get the buttons to lay right and behave and look good once it was off of the design table.
The copper okra and a few other adjustments finally taught it a lesson and it finally hangs the way I want.

* Work In Progress

While I'm at it I've got another WIP to show you
These are some earrings I started last year. Only thing is the vintage button shank is glass so it may easily break with the headpin going through it. I think I solved that by gluing leather to the back and thusly securing the headpin and the glass to the Chinese coin.
Those were going to be the earrings but then these little torch enameled copper discs showed up on my table.... next to the bourbon
How cool would it be to rivet them to the coin!
But it's a delicate operation probably not suitable for a pounding.
Anvilartifacts suggested a faux rivet.
I like that idea.


  1. these are fabulous...and thanks for the laugh this morn :)

  2. Firstly.... Ha ha ha... Loved your sharp wit so early in the am... Deadwood references especially. I love that show with its Shakespearean way with woods and phrases. New work is outstanding miss k.. Lusting after drops on sticks.
    Hope all is well up there... Xxxcynthia

    1. It took me a bit to get into Deadwood and now I absolutely think the writing was genius notwithstanding the over the top gratuitous use of cuss words. I think they brought that to the level of an art form.
      My favorite line last night was when Jane tells Alma she'll have to wait a bit for Wild Bill and says "it'll take him a while to get the phlegm situated"
      Glad you like the new work.

  3. Ha! You crack me up. I'd love to sip bourbon with you and watch Deadwood. We'd have f**kin hoot-and-a-half!

    Your work is gorgeous, and those earrings make me wish I had more ears!

    1. Wouldn't that be fun to have a Deadwood party.
      Bring out the canned peaches!

      Yes, more ears!

  4. Hm...faux rivets...sounds great!! Or what about screws and nuts?

    1. Yes, I think I might have some little ones that might could do the trick.

  5. I love the top ones...and those lampwork beads!

  6. Nice enamel discs and those orange criffles melt me. xox

  7. If you're going to use symbols instead of swear words, don't leave any letter in that might give the the exact explitive away. It's funnier if it's all left up to the reader's imagination.

    1. What the ^&**)(&*& ()& are you talking about?

  8. Yeah, can I sip bourbon with you and watch Deadwood, too? And I love the coin earrings at the bottom. Wow!! You really get my inspirational ideas started.

    xoxo Juliette

    1. Thanks Juliette, We could have a sipping and cussing party and watch F***in' Deadwood!

  9. Something tells me I'm missing out by not watching TV.

    So much great new work! Love what you're doing with that last WIP...And the orange criffles remind me of life savers. Very cool.

  10. Your new work all looks wonderful! I guess I too am missing out on something with the TV thing....

  11. Love the colours and textures in that necklace,those head pins are a delight and the crusties are winners.

  12. Fantastic new works! I am longing for those earrings and the crusty beads and the LampWonk! My husband and I got so addicted to Deadwood. Yes, Shakespearian with lots of cussing... whats not to love?

  13. The Chinese coins - GREAT with the @%&#ing enameled discs and lampwork! Frontier elegant

  14. Hi There, love your little play on words. It's always good to start things off with a laugh. Your work is so incredible . . . but we have seen enough that we would expect nothing but fabulous, and you always deliver. Thanks so much for sharing your splendid talent with us. Connie :)


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