Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Glue 'em and Do 'em

It was time for a little playtime and take a break from the torch.
I really had to force myself  and not allow any more business time until I broke out the gluebook and threw together some of my vintage papers. 
Don't look for any hidden meanings in these as I was just warming up my collage brain.
Oh, I do make a mess when I do this.

Still having fun with my vintage Bible Camp craft packages that I got at a thrift store.
I'm kind of a purist using almost 100% vintage images and text.

Let's Celebrate!
( it was my best week on Etsy, it was)
Thanks for that. That circles business is really working for me.
Thanks for keeping that fire lit in my shop.
You guys have really helped me in that respect
I'm sure of it.

If you were fast you might have seen these.
They had wings and flew out of the shop so fast.

The torch fired enamel matchsticks.
I will make more and preview them here next time so you have a chance to see them.

I would like to offer up the chance to have customized colors for you if you wish.

The man has gone and left me for a month to go fishing and so forth back in the midwest.
It's a little isolated here. I only see the postal workers in our little town until I take my weekly trip to  the city to do the farmer's market 100 miles from here.
There is a young man that is living in the Garaj Mahal (my stepson) though I never see him.
Couple of moose out back.
some lawn mowing and gardening and all the time in the world to make things...
but sometimes you just don't feel  like it... especially when it's rainy... or sometimes when it's too nice out  on the other hand.

No Netflix today and the one channel we get, the public TV isn't coming in since the big winds on Sunday.
I talk to you folks, you keep me going.

I mean it.


  1. Really, Kim, isn't a good bit of the fun of collaging making a mess? I find that the six year old me kinda starts humming to myself as I apply my layers of tissue and get glue on my hands.

    I am so glad business is flourishing at etsy. And I am quite sure lots of us will be keeping you company in here this month.

    Ain't life a hoot?

  2. Love the speckled matchsticks.
    I have the same relationship with our postal carriers although, my trip for produce is only 60 miles round robin. Amazed you do that 100 mile trip weekly.

  3. i love my new card! your collage's are a hoot. and you are to boot! <3

  4. Oh my, now I have an urge to collage! Love the matchsticks!

  5. I do know what you mean about the collages...I've done several in my time. And with a workbench full of jewelry components, I've been thinking of canvas, acrylics and brushes. ;)

    I love that your collages are all vintage papers. Mine are normally mixed with paints and sometimes all manner of things.

    Love the matchsticks!

  6. Kim, that's some serious isolation! But when the business is booming, and that 100 mile drive to the market...I love your collages and they do tell a story of sorts.

  7. Hey, Kim - Hi from isolated and rainy Southeast! Our son is keeping me company this summer as well, while the Sailor remains at sea. You sure have an enviable stash of vintage collage materials, and KNOW how to put them together! xxoo. sus

  8. Love the matchsticks. I am envious of the isolation you have!! I currently have my younger daughter and two granddaughters living with me temporarily!! I haven't been to the bathroom by myself for months!!! We are on the downside of the living arrangements though and I will be sad to see them go, but ah, sweet peace and quiet will be nice. My farmer's market is 70 miles round trip, but it is so fabulous that I don't mind the drive. Lots of jewelry makers and folks who do great stuff with fabric have little spaces set up too. Paper and glue is very therapeutic. I like to color with my granddaughters. We have old Batman color books from when their mom was a kid, it's a hoot to color in those.

  9. I don't think I could do the isolation thing and that long trip to produce with the price of gas unless I had a smart car or some such. What is cool however is your chance at a whole new life every six months.... City life foe me sucks. I l long for and pine for a more green fresh environment . Sign me up for some midnight blue matchstixs... Thanks Kim for everything... Knowing you is a blessing.. C

  10. I'm so glad your etsy shop is doing so well! (I seriously need more $$$ so I could be part of that boom right now. . .) I'm not surprised your things are flying off the shelves. Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff!

    Your collages are always so interesting to look at. They make me want to rip things up and glue them to other things.

  11. I've got so many projects I want to do, but never enough hours. I could do with developing insomnia

  12. Will we find you wandering in a housecoat somewhere on the Alaska highway mumbling? Will you be on Alaska State troopers TV? Great collage warm-up, bible images with women's feet eh? Only in Kimbucha land.

  13. Yeah, call it peace n quiet, not isolation. I sometimes think my island is a little too big...
    Love those badass pics of you & I adore all your beautiful pieces of jewellery. I need to work on my Etsy...when I wake up from post exhibition/last child leaving school/first childs graduation stuff!


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