Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Glass Tile Inchie Magnets- A Tutorial

This is my first ever attempt to do a tutorial.
It's for some simple glass tile magnets using Adirondack alcohol inks.

I purchased a square of glass tiles from the big box hardware store
(Lowe's,  for those of you in the states)
They have a choice between greenish tint and a light beige tint. Half of them are frosted and the other half are glossy.
Cut them apart from each other and peel of any of the paper than you can off of the back.

I pick out three frosted and three glossy for my magnet set

I used self sticking business card magnet cards a whole load of them for a good deal at a garage sale.
Cut to size using some trash scissors

Stick to the back of the tiles and cut away any excess  

Pick out some alcohol inks and squirt a small amount on the little cotton pad in a corner

Dab it on the tile

I like to use two or three colors. The alcohol ink reacts to the base color in interesting ways

Many possibilities

I package them up in sets of six and was able to sell them for $10 a set at our local Farmer's Market
( That's about 7 Euros or 6 British pounds)
That's it!
* Things I learned making this tutorial
     need better lighting
    wash ink off of fingers before taking photos


  1. What and interesting experiment in inking
    Its the tiniest art ever.

  2. i love that you got what you could at garage sales...and i like how bright and peppy these are. congrats on a well done first tutorial :)

  3. Sweet, these are really fun and the tutorial was so simple to see. Thanks Kimbucha! You crafty chica you. xox Corrine

  4. very cool! does the ink penetrate? I've never heard of those inks, will have to check them out. you're so clever and creative!

  5. Great tutorial, and such a fun idea for gifting!

  6. Okey dokey, Kim, I've read it. Now I need to go use materials and my hands. I'll let you know what hakes out. Regardless, I vote for more tutorials.

  7. I purchased some from Home Depot, but no matter what I do I cannot get the white paper off the back without destroying the tile. I tried soaking in soap & water, scrubbing with brillo and sticker remover. Any suggestions?

  8. I purchased nearly the exact same tile sheets from Home Depot, but I cannot get the white paper off the back without destroying the tile. I've tried soaking in soap & water, Brillo and sticker remover. Any suggestions?

  9. I would leave the grid weave material on and stick the magnet right to that.. I can't seem to find these times any more myself. I wonder if they changed the backing on these. I don't know if this helps because I can't see what the back of your tiles look like but I hope this was helpful and sorry the project didn't work out for you.


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