Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall Necklaces

These antique lucite maple leaves bring me back to my childhood in New England.
How I miss those maple leaves!

I used simple knotted wire lace that can be puckered  and shaped to highlight my beads on these necklaces. It's so light and delicate.

It's a bit harder to see in this pic but the crystal shape lampworked beads have gold leaf shimmering in the transparent beads. The wonderful think about the wire lace is that you can string beads directly onto the tube  before puckering it.

I made these mussel shell-like whorls to be reminiscent of the shells on the beach from our camp in Maine.

Somehow I've with all of my excitement over the image transfer class and playing with collage elements I seem to have neglected the glass studio. Now that the weather is suitably rainy and dismal out I find myself back in the mode to sit at a torch again. With my winter shows coming up I wanted to make some simple necklaces.  I sometimes forget that fall is an entire season in some places while we have a three or four week taste of it here in the Alaskan north.  


  1. Good to see your lovely beads pleased Kimmy doll was returned too .....x

  2. Lovely necklaces Kim. And the beads are stunning. Where did you get them from?

  3. Oh, thanks for your comments!

    Svetlana, I forget that some folks visiting my blog may not realize that I make my own lampwork beads at a torch. So the feature focal beads are my own creation and the little leaves I picked up at a bead show.

  4. I have never seen wire lace before~ the combination with your beads and the vintage leaves is really stunning!

  5. Wire lace is new to me too. Very interesting effect and floral the way it lays out. Those mussel whorl pieces are so sublte and gorgeous! xox Corrine

  6. Your wire lace necklaces are most unusual. I love the bright yellow spotty square bead!

  7. ... but they're not in the Etsy shop! Pout!

  8. Beautiful....the wired lace remings me of the seaweed we used to play with as children.
    I adore your mussel necklaces - so pretty.


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