Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wifi and Blogging from the Market

My booth at the Tanana Valley Farmers Market, Fairbanks Alaska where I can be found most Saturdays.

My new "Glinchie Magninchies" glass tile magnets with alcohol inks.

Busy this week decoupage-ing tags with vintage images.

So I'm trying to overcome my dial-up woes and am trying out a new gizmo that is like an aircard for internet. They lured me in with boasts of high speeds and other satisfied customers.
It's new, it's fast, I'll try it! I am absolutely underwhelmed with the performance of my "Mifi" out where we live. Slower than dial-up if you can believe it. I tested it at the library in Delta where I had been going for a more high speed connection and it didn't even work near the cell tower there. Now I'm putting it through my last test at the farmers market in Fairbanks and finally it's performing up to speed. Now I have the dilemma of trying to decide if I want to keep it just for my business to be able to process credit cards on the spot on the computer. (I use Propay and have been quite happy with that method with my seasonal sales)
Well folks must sense that I'm hooked up today because I've already had three credit card sales this morning at a market where cash is more frequent than credit.
I guess I should make up some more vintage key and wire necklaces~I just sold the second one since the last paragraph. Nothing like focusing on something in the booth to bring interested folks by to interrupt. I'm not complaining about those kinds of interruptions of course.
The first one has gone to one of my loyal readers, I'm happy to say!

This is seriously proving to be too much of a distraction now live from the market so I'm off until my giveaway announcement tomorrow Sunday night, May 23rd. Good luck!


  1. What a world we live in, Kim! E-mailing last night, blogging from the market with a gizmo, and you already know that I bought the key neckalce even though it only happened about an hour ago!

    What fun to visit your display at the market. You have a real operation!

    Signed, Jealous Sitting at Her Desk Working in Las Vegas (but tomorrow, I'm going to see horned toads and cactus flowers!)

  2. Wish I was there! Love the tags too..Have a great weekend. :-)

  3. You ROCK! Blogging from Market... :)

  4. Your space looks great...I'd love to be there shopping, too!

  5. Yeah ...go Kim....Love your vintage key necklaces have you got any on Etsy ? .......imagine sitting at the farmer's market blogging I'd call that pretty near perfect for a job .......except a bit of stitchin too I guess....Lorna xx(give Augustus a hug from me )

  6. What a great display of you wares. I love to see the life you lead.

  7. Oh, how I wish I could pop in at the farmer's market and buy some of your looks lovely...I also like the magnets and the gift tags. Hugs - Julie


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