Monday, May 10, 2010

Candace goes to Toronto

This time we sent Candace out of the country to visit a man! Not just any man but a man that self describes as "Over seven feet tall, an award-winning competitior in the nude biathalon, pursued by thousands of rich women, John has an active imagination."  on his Facebook page. Actually he's a prize winning poet and collegiate professor  and photographer just so nobody gets the wrong idea about Candace again.

Candace celebrates the launch of the KLOC DOC at the East Scarborough Boys & Girls House.
KLOC ( Kids Looking Over Cameras) is a video made by local youth in the East of Toronto on a summer arts and activism program by the grassroots NGO Por Amor.

Further east in bucolic Bloomfield, Ontario, Candace lends her lap to a new friend, a wooden bird found on the beach at Sandbanks Provincial Park.

Candace considers becoming a biker chick..... but it's hard to hold on when your arms only do THIS!

Candace goes to the beach.

Yay! Candace. Or should we call her Canadace now?

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  1. Go pleased to see her again knowing she is another step on her way to the Uk ....must just go and tell the teenies ....xx

  2. She certainly seems to be having a wonderful time - love that driftwood bird!

  3. Great trip north into Canada. Quite the lucky gal is Candace. She looks like a biker chick to me. I am so looking forward to her visit, so much to do, so little time. Inchies, good idea Kim,
    I laughed and laughed at your comments!

  4. Go Candace! I want to be sent around and photographed!! Ha ha. Riki

  5. I believe our Canadace is looking a bit more worldly-wise and refreshed from her travels. She'll be fit to join high society (or at least join the local gym) after we expose her to so many of the world's wonderful gifts. Thanks, Kim. My band of carpet cleaning home dudes are kind of getting in on the act about what we'll show Candace when she comes to Las Vegas. I'm not sure I've even seen some of the sights they mention!

  6. I think she makes a bitchen biker chick! she just need to learn to tie on!!

  7. Candace is leaving tomorrow to visit Corrine Gilman in West Boxford, MA. Now if I could just get rid of those thousands of rich women pursuing me... John

  8. Oh I'm so jealous of Candace! I need a Candace of my own when we eventually leave our fair shores for the UK! (Juswt waiting on the house sale)


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