Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Show Stoppers

Almost forgot to put up the pictures of the Lea & Perrins glass bottle stoppers.

And the glass head. I'm not sure if the head was from a stopper or a doll. I'm thinking it was from a stopper.


  1. oooh, these are so very cool!

  2. wow, these are very cool! love the stoppers!

  3. So very cool.

    I am so excited that I won. It wasn't difficult going through all of your posts because I enjoyed it very much. It helped to see what a great artist you are.

    I emailed you my address. If you don't get it, try emailing me at trudy dot callan at gmai dot com

    Thanks so much for tracking me down.

  4. these are an interesting find!

    thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate the offer to tell your mom friends about the book, I would love if you did :)

    I wish I had been here for your giveaway, your Christmas ornaments are lovely.


  5. Those bottle stoppers would look beautiful in a big glass container. Lea & Perrins makes steak sauce now. I wonder what the stoppers actually stopped back then?

    Oh, I've added your blog link to I can just click right over here.

    Gerushia's New World

  6. thanks for stopping by my Dolce Shop and thanks for the tip, I will reshoot it! grazie!!!

  7. These are gorgeous and I love the little dolls in your earlier posting. Ahhh...nothing beats a bargain!!!

  8. Ooooh I love the glass stoppers! Your blog has been so interesting to browse through ... almost as good as the real thing... riffling through your fantasy Dollar Store ..... making exciting discoveries in the little shop in St. David. Isn't it the best feeling to find that special something for next to nothing?


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