Sunday, March 13, 2011

Winter Themed Coolaborative Book Project

When Corrine from Dosfishes approached me about a collaborative book project I was intrigued with the thought of a three way book collaboration.
She explained to me that there would be three different books for the three of us participating.
The other gal is Lyle from Just A Note.
We would each do additions to pages so and would each end up with our own book that the other two had contributed to. Each page would be a collaboration and the theme was winter.
It was challenging to decide what might be the right amount to add to a page so that you would leave room for the others to do their thing.
This is just half of the pages I ended up with, I'm saving the rest for another post.
We also decorated a cigar box to keep out book in.
So I don't know if this is considered a Round Robin.
Perhaps it was a Triangle Robin.
And while I know that most of you have seen plenty of winter, you may have to endure some more winter imagery in these pages.
I would love to know which pages you like the best.

It was fun to guess which additions were made by whom,
each person displaying their own flavors and style.
Stampings by Lyle, I believe.

This one has more of a Corrine look to it.

I've had plenty of winter after all my years in Alaska and it was challenging
to portray what winter is for me now in Arizona.
This windblown crepe paper that was stuck to my ocotillo tree in the yard is perhaps 
a better portrayal of winter rather than a classic winter snow scene.

Some pages were obviously all mine!

Swirls before Pine

I love the surface treatments on some of these.
 I think this one was Lyle's Style.

I'll post some more soon if you can stand any more winter images!


  1. Put a shoe on it,hmm wonder who did that one LOL
    I love the tree snow scene one, but they are all so delightful to look at.
    It is such a great project to do and see what evolves

  2. Kim thanks for your comment!! We must be hoarders I think!! Love the collaborative journal idea and love the page with the overhead powerline and sun!
    Great fun you are having!
    xxx Suzy

  3. These are great - love the text trees & telegraph pole best.

    Lucky so & so's winning your giveaway!

  4. your pics look great. it was fun to do and I for one learned a lot! I'd like to do it again with more abandon!

  5. Coolaboration, love that word Kimbucha...maybe next time we will be bolder than this first go. Stay warm down there in Bisbee. Hope the fiesta was loads of fun. xox Corrine

  6. The "Coolaboration" was just a typo and I liked it so I left it!
    A lot of my images on these pages were from an estate sale of an elementary school teacher. She had loads of magazine cutouts for the seasons and health etc,from the 50's and 60's. I did mostly collage on these pages but experimented with a few backgrounds.

    More to come on the next post and I'll show you the box too maybe after a post about my Mexico trip so you can enjoys some warm images.


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