Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just so you know...It's Spring!

I was walking around the yard checking out the budding plants
witnessed green on an Arizona Willow
snuck back into the studio for a few hours
and made this collage and two others.
It's sold immediately to my visiting Swedish guests which
was a bit startling to me. 
How do you sell stuff to friends especially if it is hot off the press?
I let it go because it's spring and it made me feel good to see such an instant response
but a little shy about naming a price.
It's flying away 
and I'll be back in the studio and blogging and all that 
full force very soon.


  1. If it's spring, I'm on my way. We were teased with reports that today would go 75-degrees. HA! But it's not all that far away.

  2. No surprise your guests wanted this collage. It's delightful!

  3. Great fun and bright Spring collage !

    It had better be Spring !
    My Tree surgeons will be in my yard on Monday surveying all the citrus tree damage and then staring to work on them... so no more freezing temperatures please !

    Be sure to post on some of the places you went. Was there any nice warm weather for them or will they go home and say "It is warmer in Sweden"

    cheers, parsnip

  4. It's such a fun, whimsical piece...I can see why they wanted it!

  5. Oh I am with you, it is always so awkward to sell to close friends and family.
    Let it fly and start anew, there is always more to come.

  6. Beautiful collage, love the colors. Thank you for visiting my blog with your encouraging comments...happy weekend!!

  7. Love the placement of that shoe.

    Spring here too

  8. Well that collage just shouts it out! Want to see you in that shoe....LOL.
    60 here today but gray and rain coming, but I will take it just to get
    rid of some of this ice. I want to see those little birds shouting it out
    here too. Send some my way. xox Corrine

  9. I love the exuberant humor in this collage. I hope our spring is close behind yours.

  10. i'm glad it's spring somewhere.
    i don't trust the 60 degree days here because they seem to be followed by 19 degree days.

  11. Um, could you share tis news with our weather forecasters here?

    Nice work--a fun piece!


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