Friday, March 11, 2011

Put a Shoe on It!


  1. I'd like a ride in that shoe!

  2. Do we have a shoe fetish developing Kimelda? I love these old 50's images. I hated getting shoes as a kid, patent leather yuck with itchy lacy ankle socks. I liked going barefoot as often as possible or wearing
    keds. Great juxtaposition of crying babies and fancy high heels, is that how we felt inside when we wore them? xox Corrine

  3. this evokes so much.
    all those child-feelings
    corrine mentions
    but too, now,
    because of
    asian charaters and
    mass of blue/green

  4. Love the Kimelda reference ... Corrine thats genius !! those vintage pics of shoes parents would always want me to buy the sensible shoes for school ...don't worry I soon rebelled !!...xx

  5. do you ever have stories in your head about these collages? they seem like they are saying something, curious what goes thru your head when you make these :)


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