Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I've Gotta Crush!

I just acquired a frit crusher! This means I can turn big glass into little glass all day.
Crush it!

Pretty glamorous! Heavy metal, man.
I had my big push with my last Numi-matchstick auction and rewarded myself with some play time, ever searching for new effects.

I had some bigger chunks that just didn't seem to work that well like this salmon frit. 
dang autocorrect keeps changing it to grit. But the one that takes the cake is when it turns bicones into bacon. I did an OS update andI've got to figure out how to turn it off.
 Now that it's smaller it has more character melted in.

hauling out old stashes of glass and pulverizing them!

revisiting some old techniques just to see what happens if I add a bit of this over that.

these are super sparkletron in person...you just wouldn't believe!

these nummy numi's too

I achieved a more subtle stoney effect with some great milky frit pieces and a mottled background

pearlescence and sparkle!

OK I wasn't going to let loose of any of my shield dagger shapes ever. I was saving for my own designs but I made a lot so now I'm ready but they will be limited.

just plain old topaz glass frit perked up this enamel

More minimalist numi-matchsticks with some real silver leaf pieces.

I don't want to make these all day long but there are some...also limited

Crubbly crusty whorl. Super happy with it's sage wisdom

 I had some beads make there way back to me. They are glad to be home but I think they wouldn't mind some more travel

Just experimenting with my photo placing the bead on the outside of the light box.

another subtle one with milky salmon frit and an underlayment of sparkle. Very organic.

I paired up some "frayed knots" with Lucy Haslam's
"Tangled" ear wires from her FaeryStones shop. She's got a fabulous new shop with ear wires and handmade chain. I've already put in an order and received some finely finished satiny findings. she takes great care in her work, that is evident.

Just a few short weeks until my annual migration south begins and I will be taking a break until I get settled again around the third week of November. If you have any custom orders you need before then I can see if I can accommodate you.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Afraid Not


I am in love with this new glass.

Frayed Knots
I was using it to make some of my sleek Birch headpins and before I melted it all in this is what I saw.
I kind of fell in love with them too!

and then there is this color that I call Raven's Wing..
 it's got a bit of iridescent spots added.

These are "Bruised Birch"

Then I crustified them

Then I thought I'd take the Frayed Knot idea a little further with the nudging of a customer  and make some different colors

been such a long time since I made any limpets


crubbly whorls

Wicked Fiwah

just plain wicked

caramel swirl

Can't even think about selling these yet!

 I had one rod only of this crazy color, Sunset Rose


Bat buds!

and finally one of my early attempts at something sculptural.

I'm off to a bead show in Anchorage and maybe will have a few goodies left to put on my Facebook page or Etsy shop. Stay tuned and thanks for looking!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Achey Breaky Bits and Pieces

Broken components.
 As a component maker I am so saddened to hear that someone has accidentally
 broken one of my pieces before they have even gotten to use it.
It seems there has been a run of it lately. The fact is that glass and ceramics are while being durable also can be fragile and shatter if you get too rough.

Oh the heartbreak! This is what happens when you are trying to get phone reception in the studio by a window near your bead stash while trying to work with tech support on your internet connectivity.
I broke the delicate tip right off of my HappyFishShop daggers. This is the first she's heard of it.
I have applied some of my Aves's Apoxy clay for to rescue this piece. Now that it has sufficiently hardened I think it should hold fast and is ready for some paint. I'm going to paint it in some sort of contrasting color.

And then I got too futzy with my wirework here and broke my point of connection.I was in love with these honey droppers of Jana's  ( HappyFishShop again)
Please don't think her pieces are too fragile, it's me that's doing the damage!

Ave's Apoxy Clay to the rescue once again. This is ready for paint and  I'm confident that they will stand up to reasonable abuse now.

So what do you do when a  tourist customer buys from you in person and finds this when they return home from their trip. I got the message that the "stone had broken"
This means two things to me. I didn't talk up my work enough to let them know that it's actually a ceramic piece made by another artisan although I know it's part of my spiel these days, I'm certain I wasn't specific when I sold these.
Also I don't do much for packaging other than a bag when I sell at the farmer's market and I should  realize that when I sell to tourists I should take take some rough handling into account although I do ask them how they want it bagged up in most cases . So I feel partially responsible in this case and can't bear to have a disappointed customer that has fallen in love with a set only to find it broken and unwearable upon return home. Lucky for me I am on a chummy basis with my gal Petra all the way over in the UK and she is going to help me out with this so I can do a remake. Talk about going the extra mile!

I made these "mussel shell" beads eons ago. I don't know how they showed up on my work table again but they were begging for a remake with this wonderful lapis.  WIP of course, they need earwires.

I was going back to some simplicity yesterday so I could do some serious shop fluffage. I  have a bead show in October and a am starting to wonder if I can ever get my inventory back up.

These are some combinations I've been working with and as you can see I am loving my bicone bead roller.

They disappeared as soon as I showed them though so there ya go!

'sbeen awhile since I went all limp on you.
Limpet's I mean.

Man, I can't get enough of this yellow umber!

I have just a few rods left of this strawberry something or other glass and so I've been hoarding it. What's the point of that? Use it I say.

Experimenting with some crubble concepts. Oooh coffee!

Crubbly cube's how ya been? Haven't seen you 'round these parts lately.

Very old WIP that is about finished. A Staci Loiuse polymer piece.
Kuchi metal glued to some salmon skin leather with one of my crusty crystal headpins sandwiched in by another piece of leather that I sewed together.

 Keeping it real with some rust and nails

 I was kind of proud of this one. It sold fast.  Bye bye favorite piece!

Still struggling with pieces that have a lot of wire work. I guess I'm a fan of the drapey but it was fun to use some of my polymer pieces to go with WondrousStrange's beautiful raku piece.

Knobular amber, I was entrusted with a deceased friend's stash of amber and have been putting up some pieces in my numinosity Etsy supply shop. They are un-drilled  but some nice specimens.

I have a couple of amethyst slices left too.

 It's a pleasure to photograph amber I've found. So photogenic.

I'm off to Salmonstock festival for a super long weekend of driving and fun. See you next week!