Monday, March 14, 2011

My Little Mexico Trip~ Magdalena de Kino

 When my friend heard that mi esposo was going to be out of town running with his sons in Vegas, she shot me a message that she could be persuaded to take a drive south to Magdalena de Kino a few hours south of here in Mexico. She had heard that it was Fiesta time for the anniversary of Father Kino's death some 300 years ago which is a big deal for many Mexicans. It turned out we were a few days off from the actual celebration but got there in time to see some preparations for the event.

Unfortunately I've left my camera in her car and for now can only show you what I bought. (You see my moratorium on supplies doesn't hold across international borders) and I want to do my best at helping out the economy in Mexico since tourism has dropped off drastically with fear mongering news reports.
 My biggest fear on the trip was more about driving over the mountains with people passing on curves trying to pass semi's that were crawling at a snails pace on steep grades.
 We went to the shops that had religious paraphernalia and I found what I was looking for.
Milagros (miracle charms) that are used as votives in altars and shrines.

These are scapulars which were being sold in Magdalena de Kino

I was delighted with our visit to the ferreteria which is NOT a place that you buy ferrets but is a hardware store. How I love it when I go to less modern stores that have a selection of nearly vintage items mixed in with the new stuff. 

Some of these items are Chinese I know but I think they are certifiably vintage.

I was happy to find a great array of Mexican oilcloth at a decent price.
I'm thinking of sewing place mats and coasters.
I've got these hanging on the line right now though because there seems to be some serious industrial outgassing at the moment.

I promise to post more about the trip when I get my camera back.
I think I got some more great images that will warm those of you who haven't felt any semblance of spring yet.


  1. brilliant finds .....Sewing susans I love those vintage finds ....I used to have one when I was a child and I found a similar one a while ago that had the most darling little scissors with pink handles ...excellent ...I love all old hardware shops they have the greatest smell and pots of nails and screws and brass things ....the best ...x

  2. oooh I love Milagros!!
    I used to get great vintage ones in El Paso
    but the lady who sold them was about 110 and last time I went to see her she was gone and so was her little shop where she sat everyday and constructed art and shrines and things with them.
    So the last few little milagros I have I can't bear to part with.

  3. I am so glad that you had a great time and enjoyed your trip and were safe... and found some fabulous pieces !

    But I have a long time friend who has family who lives there and drives back weekly to see them. His family has been shot at and beaten. this is a war and no one cares who gets hurt now.
    The road you drove on at one time was very safe. Now it is OK to drive on only in the Daylight.
    Our media is/are fear mongers, if they don't have an answer they will make up the worst answer they can find, as with the news from Japan but let me tell you as a person who was raised in Arizona knows several law enforcement people... just be careful.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Oh Parsnip, that is bad news.
    I happened to be traveling with a former AZ law enforcement officer that also was a customs officer as well. Yes, and it's hard to really know what the dangers can be as some awful things are happening in the drug war.
    Sonora is considered the safest and there are definitely some cities that I would avoid. I feel so badly for what it's done for tourism there, Things are bad enough economically as it is in Mexico.
    For the record though, I felt safe and welcomed and I admit there were more than a few people that looked surprised to see two gringas traveling on their own.

  5. Oh, Kim, you DID have an outing worth sharing or even bragging about. Milagros AND scapulars, oh my! And - OH yeah - the smell of Mexican oilcloth or really anything oil-based from there.

    Last night I was out for awhile and I spotted a group of rowdy visitors raising the roof in the streets. Do you think those were your menfolk? Kidding!

  6. lucky you! a quick trip to mexico! love all the goodies you brought back! and am glad you made the trip safely!

  7. Great stuff Kim, and sounds like a fun trip!

  8. really fun finds and sounds like a great trip... never been... we did a lot of puerto penasco and nogo shopping, doing good, how's by u? xox

  9. You did really great shopping, Kim! Fabulous stuff!
    Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!
    Gaby xo


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