Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It Comes in Waves

It Comes in Waves 
by Kimberly Rogers


I made this found object assemblage in response to the earthquake in Japan.
The news of the devastation and impending effects of the nuclear disaster
is hitting me in waves.

Made with pieces of rust, a discarded squeeze tube, Japanese postal ephemera,
antique porcelain doll arm and button.
a mounted on a composite stone backing and framed in a used discarded frame of linen and wood. 


detail of body

Outdoor shot

I am offering this piece for $100
All proceeds not including shipping will go to a Japanese  Earthquake relief fund of your choice.
I'll calculate shipping depending on where it's headed.
estimated minimum of $20

Thanks, Kim


  1. Wow what a fabulous piece and what a generous thing you are doing. xox Corrine

  2. fantastic piece Kim and such a great gesture ....perhaps we all ought to do this in some way......xx

  3. This piece speaks so loud to me Kimberly!
    Oh it is amazing.

  4. This is beautiful, Kim. I love you!

  5. What a wonderful expression from the heart. I'm glad you shared it. <3 <3

  6. A certain someone in house didn't want to part with it and will be making his donation.

  7. Fabulous piece, Kim!!! It is hard to watch devastation from such a beautiful country.

  8. Kim, this is such a powerful piece. I love all the elements you've used and the meaning behind it makes it even more amazing.

  9. It definitely is a keeper, and someone in your house just sent the most amazing birthday package my way. Spicy chili powder, I can feel the heat....and that card - LOL. I will share on my blog later. Hugs and Kisses to my friends (you too David) xox Corrine

  10. Your work is perfect for what I am attracted to...rusty stuff, found objects, text - textures. Love the way you have arranged them.

  11. What a fitting tribute! we can definitely see how it has sold this quickly. It does come in waves, doesn't it?
    Rose & Studio

  12. I think that was a wonderful idea, and a beautiful piece.


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